Download Lonely Castle In The Mirror [PDF] By Mizuki Tsujimura

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Lonely Castle In The Mirror book pdf download for free or read online, also Lonely Castle In The Mirror pdf was written by Mizuki Tsujimura.

BookLonely Castle In The Mirror
AuthorMizuki Tsujimura
Size2.3 MB

Lonely Castle In The Mirror Book PDF download for free

Lonely Castle In The Mirror Book PDF download for free

Bullied to the point of dropping out of school, Kokoro’s days blur as she hides in her room, unable to confront her family or friends. Desperate, his mirror begins to glow; With a twist, Kokoro is whisked away from her lonely life into a glittering and strange fairytale castle guarded by a strange girl wearing a wolf mask. Six more students have been brought to the castle and soon this wonderful sanctuary will become their playground.

The castle has a hidden room that can grant a single wish, but there are rules that must be followed and breaking them will result in dire consequences. As Kokoro and her new acquaintances spend more time in their new sanctuary, they begin to uncover the secrets of the castle and, tentatively, each other’s.

With the thoughtful whimsicality of Before the Coffee Gets Cold, the exquisite textures of A Tale for the Time Being, and the youthful resonance of Your Name, Mizuki Tsujimura paints a complex portrait of a cycle of loneliness that can only be broken with friendship and empathy. and sacrifice. Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a fascinating and moving novel about the unexpected rewards of human relationships.

Lonely Castle In The Mirror Book Pdf Download

Seven teenagers find a portal in a magical castle through their mirrors and meet a wolf queen, who tells them they have been invited to search for a key that could grant one of their wishes. That premise alone is compelling enough to appeal to an avid fantasy reader.

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Instead of forcing this rather compelling premise, however, the focus is on one of the teenage girls, Kokoro, from whose perspective the story is told, with details of her life taking up much of the space on the “right” side of the mirror. the history. Graphic. We learn that she didn’t go to school for reasons she couldn’t reveal to her concerned parents, and so the castle becomes a sanctuary for her.

It becomes clear that the others come to the castle to influence their own struggles on the other side of the looking glass. The way all the characters come together and the way their relationships develop as possible rivals for the key, and the changing dynamic of the group as they navigate their distinct personalities make for interesting reading, but as I neared the 50% mark of the novel I was a little worried that the whole fantastical montage at the beginning of the novel might fall apart.

The teenagers, in their various permutations and combinations, either screw up video games or test each other, and at times even aloud wondering that they seem to have forgotten about the quest the author is trying to justify, with somewhat questionable success.

However, the plot picked up and subtly changed for me as the clues the Wolf Queen had thrown at the group began to make sense to the reader. I think this is where the reader becomes more actively involved with Kororo’s consciousness as they begin to put the puzzle together, and where the reader also realizes that all of these detours from the quest and into the characters’ inner workings are actually central to the story. The fantastical and realistic elements really add up in the end, and while the first half of the novel may initially test the patience of some readers, the way the author ties up any loose ends is worth the investment, at least for me .

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Much more than a town tale or a simple fantasy quest, this novel explores bullying, children’s mental health and psychological well-being, pressing real-life issues that are addressed in an imaginative yet realistic way.

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