Download Long Live The Cartel [PDF] By Ashley JaQuavis

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Long Live The Cartel book pdf download for free or read online, also Long Live The Cartel pdf was written by Ashley JaQuavis.

BookLong Live The Cartel
AuthorAshley JaQuavis
Size93 MB

Long Live The Cartel Book PDF download for free

Long Live The Cartel Book PDF download for free

In the cartel world, there are many traps and family curses. In the city of Miami, the good guys die young and the bad guys live forever. Miami’s first family, The Diamonds, are back and more ruthless than ever.

As the family deals with the sins of their father, karma returns and rests on the shoulders of Carter “CJ” Jones II. The life his father never wanted for him calls to him, and the allure of family tradition absorbs him so deeply that he falls victim to the game. This story depicts the second coming of a king and forever cements the poster’s pedigree in the roots of the streets.

He drives a new regime as Carter II and his cousin Mo try to carry his parents’ legacy on his shoulders. Will the city respect her? Or have the ghosts of the past been swept away by a new wave of hustlers? Miami changed forever when Carter and Miamor came to town. Can the cartel ever regain its strength, or was its loss of power too devastating to repair?

Ashley and JaQuavis dive back into their franchise series, giving their fans a taste of classic urban storytelling.

Long Live The Cartel Book Pdf Download

The plot of this story is the story of a man fighting against the curse of tradition and who he wants to be. Carter Jr. is far removed from his family’s illicit dealings and intends to remain so. As his promising boxing career comes to an end, he is forced to follow in the footsteps of the man he detests…his father, Carter Jones Sr.

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This book is truly the double game of the century. From Monroe to Ashton with Aurora in the middle, I didn’t know who to yell at at first. The Colemans know how to steal a reader’s soul. He really hoped that Carter could live out his dreams as a boxer. I don’t know what to do with Monroe, is he a snake or is he determined… Aurora… poor Aurora was quickly swallowed by the charm of Miami… The only good thing that Aurora brought from Miami was that her parents Breeze and Zyir finally they had somehow completed their love story.

It was good to see Zyir in her old gangster self… Recovery was good for him, but we all knew her heart still belonged to Breeze, just like hers. Carter and Ash’s love story is similar to that of his father and his mother, the only problem is the clip that Ash carries in his heart. She is unknown even to the person who hired her.

Overall, this book is filled with questions about who really drives whom, who comes out on top, and is love really enough? The Cartel is easily one of the best series ever written by this duo and I hope they continue the story at least until the next generation is born. This book has been eagerly awaited for YEARS and it did not disappoint… I am here for the destruction this new generation will cause. My only hope is that this generation truly learns from the mistakes of the past and adopts the advice and guidance of the only ORIGINAL DIAMOND left.

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First let me say that I don’t usually do book reviews!!! Coleman’s is really about that book life. I love the fact that the Estes shaped Carter 2 into a grown man. That fool Mo, he’s just a fucking fool, we all know he was so honest. I loved the chemistry that Ashton and CJ had/had, so I was hoping that she was one of the good people in Carter’s life that he can’t win by losing.

I really enjoyed Madear, he had hitters for days. I hate that it took a tragedy to bring Breeze and Zahir together. Breeze heads, she is no longer the pampered and pampered princess. That scene between Breeze and Aries was really EVERYTHING!! I liked the Aston girl, but my views on her have changed. I can’t wait for the next part. Miamour, I hope he comes out and does well with Carter and his Breeze and Aries taking Miami by storm.

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