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Long Live The Elf Queen book pdf download for free or read online, also Long Live The Elf Queen pdf was written by J.M. Kearl.

BookLong Live The Elf Queen
AuthorJ.M. Kearl
Size1.6 MB

Long Live The Elf Queen Book PDF download for free

Long Live The Elf Queen Book PDF download for free

Long Live The Elf Queen is gripping and romantic sequel to J.M.’s enchanting Bow Before the Elf Queen. kearl
Layala fought to fall in love with him. Thane fought to win his mate’s heart. Now they will find out if their love can withstand those who destroyed them.

Detained for weeks without food or water, Layala’s resolve begins to crumble as an evil darkness descends on her. She holds the key to destroying the Void or reviving its creator, the long-dead black magician with whom she has a mysterious connection.

Layala and Thane learn what it really means to fight for love as their enemies surround them, and it becomes a battle for revenge, kingdom, and the search for the truth about why Layala seems to harbor the power when Palenor falls in the darkness or when their bringer of light. the name is true.

Author’s Note: Long Live the Fairy Queen is Book 2 in the Fairy Queen series and ends on a cliffhanger. It contains romantic steam, violence, war and mature themes with morally gray characters.

Long Live The Elf Queen Book Pdf Download

What an amazing read. I loved seeing the new parts of the world that we didn’t see in book one. I love the new introduction of new characters. The prank was so good. Also, a bathtub is a trope because if it’s not, I’ll turn it into one. I love seeing Layala really find more of herself. The journey you take in this book is so beautiful. Oh Thane… I love him so much. Watching him overcome his own struggles was heartbreaking and beautiful. And by the end of this book I’m still in total shock. I honestly don’t know how to process this. I can’t wait for Volume 3.

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Long Live the Elf Queen book is Book 2 in the Elf Queen series. I cannot recommend this series enough. If you are looking for fantasy romance with adventure and action, this series is for you. Definitely needs to be added to every tbr.

I wanted a lot more context and where I felt more material was needed we only got a few chapters. However, this is probably Kearl’s motive because I’m beyond intrigued! Character build and world build continued with Bow Before the Elf Queen. I loved exploring more of Adalon and the group’s antics, especially little Tifapine!

Getting off to a slow start, the action picks up pace again in Chapter 12, and from there there are several cases that will have you on the edge of your seat. One of the things I enjoyed most about both books is the humor in difficult situations. That there are moments of pure laughter as the shit hits the fan is so refreshing. The ending blew my mind. I wasn’t expecting this turn of events and it adds to the intrigue and things left unsaid throughout the book.

I am unwell mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I knew this book was going to take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. But instead he was completely overwhelmed. Long Live the Elf Queen by J.M. Kearl does NOT have second book syndrome. And in my opinion it’s maybe even better than the first one (which I rated just as well).

Worldbuilding continued to captivate and amaze me. We see new parts of Adalon and new friends and foes are introduced throughout the journey of Layala and Thane. Speaking of which two… I absolutely love them. It was interesting to see how the connection between the two grew despite the fact that they were no longer bonded as a couple. Layala doesn’t stop there either, and we’re seeing a lot of growth from her in this sequel.

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I can’t wait to see what happens next in his journey…especially after that huge cliffhanger left me wanting more.

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