Download Looking To Score [PDF] By Fiona Davenport

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Looking To Score book pdf download for free or read online, also Looking To Score pdf was written by Fiona Davenport.

BookLooking To Score
AuthorFiona Davenport
Size136 KB

Looking To Score Book PDF download for free

Looking To Score Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Fiona Davenport comes a single dad, age gap, sporting romance with foosball player looking for the perfect wife for his immediate family.

Roan Ellis never expected to take custody of his cousin’s daughters, but that hasn’t stopped him from opening his heart and home in times of need. When her lawyer warned her that her lazy father’s sister wanted custody, she vowed to do whatever was necessary to protect the girls.

Then he met Ava Cromwell and realized that she had nothing to do with her brother. She loved girls as much as he did… and he wanted to be more than just a co-parent to her. He was determined to win her heart.

Looking To Score Book Pdf Download

This amazing duo is back with another amazing book. He loved Roan and Ava together. These two bonded immediately and then bonded for love of the girls as well. While my heart broke for Cassidy and Daisy, I am so happy that Roan and Ava have second parents. There is a lot of steam in this book, but also sweetness and warmth. I can’t for the next book!

Roan and Ava’s story is funny, flirty and full of cute girls. Roan becomes a guardian for his cousin’s daughter after she dies. He gets into the swing of this whole paternity thing when he gets a call from his attorney. It turns out that the girls’ aunt Ava also wants custody of them.

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What she wasn’t expecting was having her butt fondled when she got to the door. She is everything he wanted but didn’t know he needed. Seeing her with the girls cemented the idea in his mind. Ava will be his.

There was definitely a lot of warmth and chemistry from Fiona to love and bring your Kindle to life as well. Can’t wait to see who gets their HEA next.

great story love how roan showed up and became who he needed to be. I love the Nighthawks.

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