Download Lord Blackwell’s Promise [PDF] By Ashtyn Newbold

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Lord Blackwell’s Promise book pdf download for free or read online, also Lord Blackwell’s Promise pdf was written by Ashtyn Newbold.

BookLord Blackwell’s Promise
AuthorAshtyn Newbold
Size601 KB

Lord Blackwell’s Promise Book PDF download for free

Lord Blackwell's Promise Book PDF download for free

Till death do them part…

Margaret Lovell does her best to love everyone. But when it comes to Lord Blackwell, she doesn’t care about success. After the young Earl of Blackwell accused her father of fraud and defrauded him of his fortune, she despised him for causing her unhappiness and lack of security. When she learns that Lord Blackwell is on his deathbed, she can’t help but feel a lack of compassion. As her family’s financial situation worsens, she doesn’t have time to think about anything else, especially the man who caused it.

Peter Trafford, Earl of Blackwell, had never before had a reason to evaluate his life. But when certain death looms in front of him, he awakens to a sense of guilt. Feeling this strange desperation to make amends, he writes a letter to Margaret Lovell, the daughter of the man whose reputation he single-handedly destroyed. In the letter he offers that to marry her. He offers Margaret and her family a life of prosperity and comfort and promises that he will die shortly after their marriage.

But promises, no matter how fickle, can be broken.

Lord Blackwell’s Promise is a sweet clean Regency romance, the fifth book in the Larkhall Letters series. Each book stands on its own, but it’s best to read them in the order below.

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Lord Blackwell’s Promise Pdf Download

My god, I feel like I’ve waited a few years to find out more about Lord Blackwell. Little details here and there in other books just kept me in suspense about him and now to see him with poor Margret! Wow just wow! I can’t believe how cute they get as a couple. I love to drum and tease.

I loved the book! It was a believable love-hate story. I didn’t expect to like Peter from the start, but I did. Seeing why he was the way he was, the guilt and the desire to change was a great start to a story roller coaster.

Best Moments: It’s a tie between Armchair Wars and his teasing about his possible murder. It sounds harsh, I know, but you have to understand that she married him with a promise that he would die very, very soon. Like within a few days to a week. It’s gonna be a joke and it’s very cute.

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