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Lost And Found book pdf download for free or read online, also Lost And Found pdf was written by April Wilson.

April Wilson is the full-time writer of 23 contemporary romance novels. He lives in southwest Ohio with his daughter and a menagerie of fur babies.

BookLost And Found ( McIntyre Search And Rescue Book 2 )
AuthorApril Wilson
Size1.1 MB

Lost And Found Book PDF download for free

Lost And Found Book PDF download for free

Book 2 in the McIntyre Search and Rescue series starring Maggie and Owen.

Welcome back to the Bryce, Colorado, a small town in Rocky Mountains. Maggie is a divorced mother of two teenage sons. Owen is a retired US Marine who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

She needs him and so he needs her also. What does it will take to bring them together? This romantic suspense novel is full of heart and emotion. Many feelings. And some surprises that you will enjoy.

Lost And Found Book Pdf Download

Lost and Found was written by April Wilson. It’s Book 2 of Search and Rescue. It’s set in a small town in Colorado.
The McIntyre brothers in Chicago want answers. where is your sister hannah This is exactly the question Maggie Emerson wants answered. When Hannah didn’t show up for dinner that night, Maggie and her kids went to the trailhead where Hannah had said she would start her hike to see what was bothering her bald eagle. The sheriff made it to the top of the ridge with no luck.

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McIntyre Security wasted no time in sending his people out to find her. Killian Devereaux left Chicago with Jake McIntyre while Owen Ramsey left Tennessee. Within hours they were on site looking for Hannah.
Killian found them, but they were attacked by would-be poachers. They got stuck in a ravine. Owen and Maggie came from across the gorge to meet them at an old hunter’s cabin.

His problem, apart from poachers, was the weather. A snowstorm hit the mountain and they were stranded at the cabin. Good thing Hannah is fine except for a broken ankle; But the downside was that he could identify the poachers. Until they were found and shut down, Hannah and even Maggie and her children were in danger. Killian and Owen standing between them and the danger.

A hurt and damaged soul.
Lost and Found is the second book in this new series by April Wilson and it is definitely a wonderful series.

It’s a captivating book, true to its image, the author manages to transport us into the universe of the story. This time we travel to the Rocky Mountains, where Owen becomes Maggie’s protection force.
Owen is an amazing man, but the weight of his past coupled with his post-traumatic stress disorder makes it difficult for him to relate to others. Maggie is an independent, strong, and combative woman who carries a pain she doesn’t want to repeat.

This is the story I’ve been waiting for since Owen first saw Collateral Damage. And I loved it!
With the complexity of the characters’ feelings, the dangers they face and the love that comes without looking for it, this is a book that grabs you from the start. Sweet, sexy, captivating, with a dose of danger and intensity that make this an excellent read.

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