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Love Me Forever book pdf download for free or read online, also Love Me Forever pdf was written by Layla Hagen.

BookLove Me Forever
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Love Me Forever Book PDF download for free

Love Me Forever Book PDF download for free

four words That was all Travis Maxwell needed to charm me even though I had just met him. In my defense, we stuck together and he was the sexiest man I’d ever seen. We spent a wonderful week together and knew we would end up going our separate ways.

Then two blue lines turn my life upside down. I’m pregnant.
Travis and I agreed to be friends, nothing more, and to focus on raising our son.
Easier said than done.

Love Me Forever Pdf Download

Travis goes from being a master flirt to a caveman trying to protect me and our unborn baby. He pampers me and caters to my every craving, he even provides me with my favorite cupcakes on demand and watches Netflix with me.
When we argue about which Bridgerton season is better, he suddenly tells me that he loves me.
that he needs me
And I need it too.

But I want him to love me for me, not just for the baby. Travis doesn’t want to settle down. He told me that when we first met. I’m afraid he’s ruining his feelings, and I don’t think that’s the recipe for eternity…

Oh those Maxwell Brothers, they certainly set the bar high. “Love Me Forever” is a romantic, sweet and funny story that drew me in with its Maxwellian charm.

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Travis Maxwell developed a software program when he was young and recently sold it. After taking some time off, Travis decided to move into the hotel business and opened his own hotel. In town he meets Bonnie. Bonnie is a veterinary technician working on a short-term wildlife rehabilitation contract. The two share an instant connection and have a great time together. But when Travis returns to Chicago, Bonnie discovers that she is pregnant.

The chemistry between Bonnie and Travis was instant and I could feel it as she read her story. The attraction was mutual and it went much deeper than just that first meeting. Travis is like his brothers. He is loving, protective and wants the best for his family. When he found out that Bonnie was pregnant, he did everything possible and never wavered. Bonnie had a difficult childhood, but that childhood made her who she is. Their relationship dragged on a bit, but it was the best possible way for them to find each other. I loved how the Maxwells were involved from the beginning and made her feel like part of her family.

Travis, who is from Chicago, is in CA on business when he meets Bonnie, a vet assistant who is also working in CA temporarily before moving back to Chicago. They spend an amazing week together and he vows to keep in touch after he has to go back to Chicago. Unfortunately, something happens and he has to buy a new phone, and in the process, he erased Bonnie’s number. As time passes and he doesn’t communicate with her, she assumes he was never serious, but when she receives the news that she is pregnant, she returns to Chicago early and reaches out to Travis.

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He is excited and happy to hear from her and excited about her pregnancy, but Bonnie makes it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship with him and doesn’t expect anything. But Travis won’t listen to him, he is willing and wants to be there for her and the baby, he wants a united family, not separate and co-parenting as she suggested.

I loved Travis and his family was amazing so welcoming and immediately helpful. But Bonnie made me nervous as she was fighting her feelings and trying to break up with Travis. He did everything perfectly, but she always admired him. Overall, Love Me Forever is a good read and recommended! Love Me Forever was very cute


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