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Made Of Steele book pdf download for free or read online, also Made Of Steele pdf was written by Susan Sleeman.

BookMade Of Steele
AuthorSusan Sleeman
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Made Of Steele Book PDF download for free

Made Of Steele Book PDF download for free

She keeps her feelings to herself…
When Teagan Steele faces her biggest challenge since she took over her family’s security firm, she must dig deeper to find out how one of her clients smuggled antiquities into this country and what she did. with them. And he must clear the Steele Guardians of all charges of collusion and misconduct.

But a brave undercover agent changes everything.
When he confronts undercover ICE agent Drew Collier, who is deep inside the smuggling ring, he must work hard to keep his emotions in check and conduct himself professionally at all times. Despite his best efforts, Teagan and Drew grow closer, but a new threat soon tests their budding relationship and puts their lives in grave danger.

Made Of Steele Pdf Download

I have all the Susan Sleeman books and what I like the most is the authenticity of the police and forensic methods and practices. It spoils a lot of other novels whose authors didn’t do extensive research and handle this sort of thing carefully. I also love the characters and the reappearance of characters from previous series.

In Made of Steele, Teagan initially seems overly emotional for a former detective and COO, but as the story progresses, he fits into his personality and his chemistry with Drew is immediately ignited. Their relationship moves very fast, which might add to the believability a bit, but for Teagans’ smart, gunsling personality, it works. I love family Christmas – idealized, but isn’t that what we all want and isn’t that why we read novels with happy endings? To fill in the gaps in our own reality? fun reading

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The fourth book in this wonderful series focuses on Teagan Steele and his story. I loved how he tries to appear strong and in control, but deep down he struggles with the feeling of leaving no trace. Can she really hold this company together and not let his family down?
This story was kind of funny because it had more tension between the two main characters and put them in a fun undercover role. I loved the jokes they had and also the way they worked together to solve this case.

I am someone who takes pride in believing that I can figure out the story before I finish a book. SAY OH! I thought I knew “who did it”, but I was dead wrong.
This story has much of the same suspense, drama, action, and intrigue found in all of this author’s books and kept me reading until I was done.
While reading this story, I enjoyed being able to visualize exactly where everything is happening because this author set it in my home state. I know many of the places he mentioned in this book and his descriptions are spot on.

One of the reasons I enjoy reading Susan Sleeman’s books. It paints the picture of what is out there and what we as humans need to be aware of. Susan Sleeman doesn’t sugarcoat her stories. They are hard and sandy.
This book not only has action, suspense and suspense, but also a bit of romance. . . Well, maybe a little more than a little! These characters have learned that it is okay to trust others and God because He is there for us and wants the best for us. He will also learn what family means and what really makes a family strong.

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If you love action, suspense, and intrigue, I recommend you pick up this series and start reading! But I have to warn you, once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop! I stayed up too late to finish this book. AWESOME!

The Steele Guardians security company was founded by the Steele brothers after they retired from the police force. They both have three daughters, several of whom work for the company. Teagan took over as COO when her cousin Thomas was murdered. One night, Teagan receives a call from one of her security guards that she works at a large client’s facility and suddenly she is thrown into deep water.

She walking towards the warehouse, she finds the guard tied up and in a few moments she is too. She has no idea who her attacker is or how she ambushed her, but the wheels turn as she tries to figure things out. Drew is also in a tight spot and must act quickly to prevent all of his hard work from last year from going down the drain. Time is running out and he is determined to complete his case before she does. I enjoyed all the action, suspense and mystery of the story.

The story takes place in the days before Christmas. Their family traditions were something many people can only dream of: things like a competition to see which team finds the best Christmas tree, and their big Christmas dinner in the barn for the family and many of the local police who couldn’t be with them. their own families. The Steele family believed in putting their faith into action.

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