Download Magic In The Moonlight [PDF] By Auryn Hadley

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Magic In The Moonlight book pdf download for free or read online, also Magic In The Moonlight pdf was written by Auryn Hadley.

BookMagic In The Moonlight
AuthorAuryn Hadley
Size1.9 MB

Magic In The Moonlight Book PDF download for free

Magic In The Moonlight Book PDF download for free

Rushing to Summerpoint to avoid my failed love life may have seemed drastic, but I had just inherited a house from a distant relative. The timing was perfect, almost like magic. But the hut needs repairs, the place is in the middle of the forest and I’m not used to small towns.

Then I meet with my new contractors. Sexy doesn’t begin to describe her. Flirting flows easily, but as much as I feel I can never choose between them, I find I don’t have to. These guys are more than willing to share, and yes they mean me.

There has to be a catch, and it doesn’t take long to discover what’s really wrong with this idyllic little town. They are the founding families. They are the descendants of the people who founded this place centuries ago, and they seem to believe in monsters, magic and the supremacy of witches.

Yes, witches, and not the nice ones. Now I am in their crosshairs along with my men and we have no power to stop them! Is there a way out or will this coven’s greed destroy us all?

Magic In The Moonlight is the fascinating first book in the Where The Wild Things Grow series. If you like feel-good romance with multiple love interests, men who aren’t afraid to love each other, unexpected pals, and conflicted families, then you’ll love this captivating romance.

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Magic In The Moonlight Book Pdf Download

This book takes us through the adventure of Sylvia herself. She leaves her unfaithful boyfriend because she hates confrontations in her inherited cabin and begins to discover amazing things. At first she thinks she’s going crazy. Seeking answers, he agrees to meet with the town’s “royalty” only to discover corruption and danger.

To protect himself and his beloved forest, he must surrender his unbelief and embrace his own gifts and the love and friendship of two incredible men.

Along with his boys, he allies with a variety of wildlings, from skunks to trees to magical beasts. She leads with her ethics and her heart, gaining the support of those around her and learning that you don’t have to be part of a corrupt system to change it.

i love this book It has everything I like in a book. It made me laugh, cry and smile. I was just so happy!!

Sylvia has just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and is starting over. It’s her journey to find herself and who she is. The relationship between her and the boys is organic and it’s wonderful to see her growing! The communication between all of them is fantastic.

The magic of this book is also very interesting and different from anything I’ve read before.

This book is like a huge hug.

It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger either, but it still leaves you wanting more and I’m really excited to see what happens next.

Flower and her children are too precious and I can’t wait to read more about them in future books. I also love magnifying glass and may have been looking for cacti at nearby nurseries after completing this book. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m so glad I read this book.

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