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Maniac book pdf download for free or read online, also Maniac pdf was written by Onley James.

AuthorOnley James
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Maniac Book PDF download for free

Maniac Book PDF download for free

We’ve had a look at the complicated history of Thomas and Aiden in the previous books and boy did their story not disappoint. I loved the tone of this one which struck me as a little different. Thomas and Aiden are alone for much of the story, with Aiden determined to get Thomas to reveal the secrets of his family’s death once and for all.

It’s so tense and engrossing as we get every little piece of the puzzle that is Thomas Mulvaney. Each new bit of Thomas’ past builds a rather harrowing story, and it was fascinating to see how this tragic legacy became the foundation on which Thomas built a new family. His family of trained psychopaths, his children.

We also get a lot from the rest of the Mulvaney team that all the brothers came together to protect Thomas and what they all built was a real highlight for me. I loved seeing them get together. These 7 books in the Necessary Evils series will take you on such a journey, which is by turns heartbreaking, humorous and terrifying. I’m a little sad it’s ending but I will remember these characters for a long time. It really is masterful storytelling.

Maniac Pdf Download

I was NOT ready for this book. Not even a little. I really wanted to read the Thomas and Aidan story, but I knew this would be the end and I really didn’t want the Mulvaneys to end. But I started the book anyway and I’m SO glad I did. This is a story we’ve probably been waiting for since the book of Adam and Noah! And the wait was worth it for me! Poor Thomas.

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He has to be so strong and level headed for everyone and in control of every situation. He hated being blackmailed for something he had lived with most of his life. But I passed out so badly when he called the only person I could call. Aidan. If she needs anyone, it’s Aidan. Always. And I love that so much.

On the other hand I felt really bad for Aidan because it’s so obvious to literally everyone that he loves Thomas more than just a father figure and it hurts him every time Thomas needs him but pushes him away. I was expecting MUCH more fear from this part of the story, but luckily we don’t have to suffer from that fear! They obviously teamed up, otherwise this story wouldn’t exist! But Thomas is being blackmailed and doesn’t want to burden the whole family, so he just calls on Aidan for help.

Of course, Aidan shows up to the rescue! And the trauma and story that Thomas Aidan tells really hurt my heart. Like I said, he has to be very strong and in control, but there’s a reason for that. Your reasoning is a bit wrong because you really suffered from trauma in your childhood. And that makes me very sad because she’s lived with that pain and misguided guilt for so long. Aidan then refused to let Thomas go. And thank God he stepped on the gas, because Thomas can be stubborn!

The Mulvaneys, the Jericho’s Boys and the women of the family come together to take care of their father and it warmed my heart! I loved seeing the whole band back together and doing what they do best! I missed those crazy brothers. This book was a great end to an amazing series and I’m so happy I got to read it! Now. I am PATIENTLY waiting for the next series about Jericho’s Boys. You know it’s getting crazy! 10/10 I recommend this series!!

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