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Master Of Salt And Bones book pdf download for free or read online, also Master Of Salt And Bones pdf was written by Keri Lake.

Keri Lake is a USA Today bestselling dark romance author specializing in demonic feuds, vendettas, and evil turns. Their stories are dark, with anti-heroes walking the line between good and evil, and feisty heroines bringing them to their knees.

BookMaster Of Salt And Bones
AuthorKeri Lake
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Master Of Salt And Bones Book PDF download for free

Master Of Salt And Bones Book PDF download for free

Master of Salt And Bones is a story driven by mystery and suspicion, set in a world where its inhabitants are as calculating as they are cunning.

Bonesalt’s devil, Lucian Blackthorne, has a reputation that terrifies many adults. Rarely seen but much talked about, Isadora Quinn is as intrigued as she is terrified by her new employer. Though worlds apart, Isadora can relate to the feeling of looking in from the outside. She too has secrets, and as frightening as it may seem at first, she soon sees the man under the mask.

Gothic in its narrative, Master of Salt & Bones is a love story grown in the dark. Lucian is plagued by ghosts from the past, but it’s the future he wants with Isadora that compels him to eradicate her.

A masterfully woven tale of suspense and intrigue, Lake’s story and character build are as expansive as the world he creates.

Master Of Salt And Bones Book Pdf Download

If at any point while reading this book you think you’ve figured it out, let me tell you that you’re wrong. I don’t think I’ve read a book since Sharp Objects that left me guessing like that to the end. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re similar since the main focus of this book is a dark romance, but the suspense and edgy feel I got from this book abound here.

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The only way I can describe this book is as a triumph. Gothic and dark atmosphere with twists and turns throughout. Perfect pacing, great characters and excellent world building. Are these enough superlatives to characterize the enjoyment of this book? Probably not and I could probably keep going for a while.

Lucian is the darkest character I’ve ever read, but in a way that doesn’t make him caricature. Sometimes writers go too far, and while you enjoy the over-the-top weirdness, you need to quell your disbelief a little. Lucian feels like he exists in the real world, although I definitely wouldn’t want to meet him down a dark alley. Or a bright, sunlit park in broad daylight.

I wish there was a bit more with Isa as she often felt like she was just accompanying them on the journey while Lucian always felt like leading her ship. Aspects of his character, particularly his musical talent and apparent intelligence, seemed to have been mentioned and left behind, but I particularly wish that, shall we say, The Darkness was explored further. No awakening of his inner evil, but perhaps an admission…

I love a good crime thriller, but the psychological/mystery thriller… that’s my thing. This book had it all. I had my suspicions, but in the end the book grabbed me and I didn’t see it coming. Even better. There were constant mental twists and turns that made you want to go back and try to see how you missed out.

Slowly building love interest. Attraction, yes, but their mutual romantic interest took time. They built a relationship, trust, loyalty. I am aware about. Makes the climax so much sweeter

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There were only a few deviations. What was it about the crow and the shadow? When I read the description of the book here on GR it said it was fantasy and that’s why I bought it. I’ve been waiting for this plot twist the whole time and maybe he was a shapeshifter but no. So maybe the raven and the shadow were just another brainstorm? I’m not sure, these 2 were never explained.

Lots of typos everywhere, not a big deal but a cause for concern for me. Otherwise the book was very well written and fully packaged. I really enjoyed it.

Isadora takes a job with the Blackthornes to help with her aunt’s bills. However, her aunt desperately wants her to reconsider as the Blackthornes are a family shrouded in mystery, tragedy and rumor. Most of this is superstitious nonsense, of course, but that doesn’t stop the townspeople from gossiping. However, Isa pays little heed to all the rumours, as she herself becomes a victim of bullying in the city.

When she and Lucian Blackthorne first meet, he’s intense, gruff, and a bit of a jerk. But Isa has never been good at biting her tongue and just can’t help but insult him, well, throughout the book actually.

They’re all wrong for each other. He’s 13 years older than her, he’s involved in very shady things and he doesn’t think he has the ability to love. And yet he is so attracted to her that it almost becomes an obsession. He just can’t stay away and she doesn’t want to.


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Honestly, the writing style was so captivating. Seeing Lucian’s past and the things that led him to the man he is now gave her a glimpse of the rugged and uncompromising personality he portrays.

The chemistry between these two was almost a character in itself, it was so palpable. There was some strong Beauty and the Beast vibes throughout, but it’s definitely a very dark romance. So if you have any triggers, check the warnings first.

The only downside for me is that there was so much going on at the end that it almost felt too fast. I wanted more! A lengthened epilogue would have been great.

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