Download Maverick’s Kitten [PDF] By Ciara St James

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Maverick’s Kitten book pdf download for free or read online, also Maverick’s Kitten pdf was written by Ciara St James.

BookMaverick’s Kitten
AuthorCiara St James
Size263 KB

Maverick’s Kitten Book PDF download for free

Maverick's Kitten Book PDF download for free

Maverick believes he has found what so many of his club brothers have found, a wife to call his own and the key to a wonderful family and life. It takes him a while to get her to go out with him, then she disappears after one wonderful and unforgettable night.

He’s too proud to ask her brother from her club to find her and let her anger wash over him. He is working to forget her. Only it’s a year later and she’s still in his mind. To forget her forever, he goes to the club’s bar to find someone to take away his memory of her. Only that goes horribly wrong when he sees Rylan again when he’s in a compromising position.

Maverick’s Kitten Pdf Download

A chase eventually reveals several mysteries about why Rylan left, why she never called or came back, and why she is now in Hunters Creek. With each one, Maverick only grows worse and more determined to show her that he’s the man for her and that he can be counted on for anything, including taking evil out of her life.

Rylan tries not to fall for Maverick, but she can’t help it. After a perfect night with him, she knows they need to talk, only fate has other ideas. What seems like a quick trip out of town turns into a year and a nightmare. A nightmare that won’t let go. Desperate, she returns to Hunters Creek only to catch her breath. She has no plans to see Maverick, but fate has another plan again.

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When she gets caught and has to confess what happened and why she’s there, she realizes that her love for Maverick hasn’t died. She will never love another man the way she loves him. Can she really love her only if she knows what she is doing now? And even if he can, will she ever love him and have a life with him? She leaves it to Maverick and the Warriors to make sure Maverick’s kitty is home forever.

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