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Memories Of A Life book pdf download for free or read online, also Memories Of A Life pdf was written by Jewel E. Ann.

BookMemories Of A Life
AuthorJewel E. Ann
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Memories Of A Life Book PDF download for free

Memories Of A Life Book PDF download for free

The girl I met when we were nine years old is now the woman who said yes to being my wife.

But Josie isn’t planning our wedding; She is too caught up in things that happened over a century ago.

She has horrible dreams and relentless visions of the unspeakable. I really believe her but I don’t understand her.

If I can’t understand them, I can’t stop them.

If I can’t stop them, I can’t save us.

And without us… well, I can’t imagine this world.

Memories Of A Life Book Pdf Download

Memories of a Life picks up right after Pieces of a Life. Do you remember the prologue to Pieces of a Life? That was in the back of my mind as I continued to read this, certainly with apprehension of what might be to come.

Still, Jewel E Ann managed to surprise me more than once in terms of my expectations and what actually happened. Colten and Josie as a couple seemed like a foregone conclusion when they were young, so 17 years later it seemed like more than a coincidence and that this time nothing would stand in their way (at least according to Colten).

And if there was an obstacle, it wouldn’t be too big to overcome. JEA managed to find that certain insurmountable obstacle and is a fool. For a story that tests the bond and love between two characters to the breaking point and beyond, this book absolutely delivers.

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The path to the desired result is quite amazing. As with the previous duet, this is a near-death experience that changes that person. To me, this story has a much more melancholy and darker vibe than the first book. Seeing a vibrant and independent character become someone more fragile and vulnerable was heartbreaking.

There’s still witty dialogue, steam, and the usual sass, but the underlying issue eating away at a character’s moral fiber needs to be resolved rather than swept under the rug. Unfortunately, the solution to this has undefinable consequences. Due to the uniqueness of the situation, there are a lot of questions to ask and while I certainly can’t say what I would have done, I felt very connected to them.

I was definitely on the edge of my seat, flipping through the pages excitedly because I couldn’t predict the outcome of this book, but I needed to see how it all turned out. There is a certain metaphysical twist here that requires an open mind to read. I would have preferred a more upbeat vibe, but this has the angst and emotional grind that I always love.

There are several open cans of worms for side issues, and no loose ends, but I wouldn’t have minded more definitive conclusions or a little more front-seat observer insight. As for the ending, it came out exactly as it should, but I felt like the epilogue had some of the time that wasn’t fleshed out enough, or maybe I just wanted more after all they’d been through. Writing is always captivating and looking back, this has been quite a wild and unforgettable ride.

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Book one of the Colton and Josie duet was the beginning of the story, everything I wanted more was in this book and more. This is a second-chance story with a hint of the paranormal, but to find out what’s going on, you must first read Pieces of a Life.

This is a very complex story that will push the limits of your imagination. The feelings and emotions it evokes are intense. I had my expectations of where the story would go, but I never could have imagined the direction Jewel would take. I love that you can immerse yourself in the lives of the characters and end up feeling like you really know them.

There is a point where that line makes sense in the first book. I don’t know who I admired more Colton fighting for the woman he loves or Josie trying to protect the people he loves. An emotional book about heartbreak, love and loss that makes you think of the impossible and that will stay with me for a long time.

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