Download Midnight At The Blackbird Cafe [PDF] By Heather Webber

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Midnight At The Blackbird Cafe book pdf download for free or read online, also Midnight At The Blackbird Cafe pdf was written by Heather Webber.

BookMidnight At The Blackbird Cafe
AuthorHeather Webber
Size1.9 MB

Midnight At The Blackbird Cafe Book PDF download for free

Midnight At The Blackbird Cafe Book PDF download for free

USA TODAY’S BESTSELLER Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber is a captivating blend of magical realism, heartwarming romance and small-town Southern charm.

Nestled in the shadows of the Alabama mountains lies the small town of Wicklow. This is where Anna Kate has returned to bury her beloved Granny Zee, owner of Blackbird Café.

It was supposed to be a short trip to shut down the cafe and sort out her grandmother’s estate, but despite her best intentions to avoid bonding or even meeting the fatherly side of the family, Anna Kate is inexplicably feeling on the paternal side attracted to the family. through the peculiar south town. his mother ran away so many years ago and the mysterious blackbird cake everyone can’t stop talking about.

As the truth about her past begins to emerge, Anna Kate must decide if this lonely blackbird will finally be able to pick up his broken wings and fly.

Midnight At The Blackbird Cafe Book Pdf Download

This book is a mixture of pain, love, friendship, magic and forgiveness. “Grief can change a person into becoming someone they don’t know or even dislike very much.”

Anna Kate Callow has been coming to the town of Wicklow, Alabama since the death of her grandmother Zee. Part of Zee’s will stated that Anna Kate could inherit the Blackbird Cafe if she came to Wicklow and managed it for at least 60 days. And Grandma Zee knew EXACTLY what she was doing!

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Anna Kate wants to be a doctor. However, when Zee dies, he is left running the Blackbird Cafe. Not knowing what to expect as her mother ran away with her shortly after her father’s death (she was pregnant with her), Anna arrives in the town of Wicklow. Her father’s family, the Lindens, blamed their mother Eden for her father’s death. Although the car accident was ruled an “accident”, the Lindens, particularly Seelie, insist it was not an accident and that Eden murdered their son AJ.

Anna immediately throws herself into the café’s tour and finds out what Grandma Zee did in “Blackbird Cake” to make it taste so good. Ewwwwww… blackbird cake? But the cakes are not made with real blackbirds, but with different fruits like blueberries and blackberries and a “secret” ingredient that Anna has to discover. On this night, after eating the cake, dream about loved ones who have passed away and who are sending you messages. In addition, the rare birds arrive at midnight and put on a show that soon attracts bird watchers from far and wide.

This was a beautiful book about Southern magical realism. I loved all the characters, from Mr Lazenby banging on the cafe door every morning wanting his cake hoping to get messages from his late wife (completely unaware that Pebbles is in love with him and wants him over she gets over). Faylene, who knows everyone and everything about everyone and always plays the matchmaker, the mysterious gray cat who keeps appearing out of nowhere and takes Anna on various escapades.

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Then of course there is love!!! Lots and lots of love. If you are looking for an honest book about overcoming adversity and pain, dealing with family drama, love, good cooking and a little magic, this book is for you.

Midnight at the Blackbird Café is one of those books that grabs you from the first page and you don’t want to put it down.

In northeast Alabama lies the sleepy mountain town of Wicklow. This is no ordinary southern town. Magic abounds in Wicklow in the form of a group of blackbirds, a species rarely seen in North America. This rarity soon causes hundreds of bird watchers to flock to the city to witness this extraordinary phenomenon.

It is to this forbidden city that Anna Kate Callow travels, a mandate created by her late mother, to bury her beloved grandmother Zee, the owner of the Blackbird Café. Anna Kate plans to go deep into Wicklow and liquidate Zee’s estate, sell the coffee, and return to Massachusetts as soon as possible. Anna Kate soon discovers that Zee’s will has a catch: she must run the café for sixty days before she can sell the business and receive her inheritance. Anna Kate isn’t happy about being stuck in this one-horse town, where she’s become an object of curiosity among the locals.

Natalie Linden Walker is a young widow with a young child who returns to Wicklow a few years after escaping to marry against her mother’s wishes. Desperate for the answer to a question that has haunted her since the death of her husband, Natalie is convinced that the truth she seeks will be found at the Blackbird Café. Penniless and homeless, she and her daughter have to live in their parents’ boarding house. Natalie’s goal is to find a job and an apartment of her own so she can get away from her callous mother, a woman who has wrapped herself in a cocoon of grief for the past 25 years after losing her 18-year-old mother . -old son.

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But what Anna Kate and Natalie don’t realize is that they have a bond in common, one their mothers have kept hidden all their lives.

Will these two grieving women be able to put the past behind them and mend their broken wings?

Inspired by the Beatles song “Blackbird”, “Midnight at the Blackbird Café” is about anger, broken hearts, fear, pain, lies, broken dreams, forgiveness, healing, a pinch of romance and magic delicious and delicious as the cakes served at the Blackbird coffee will be served. Add to this the town’s quirky residents and this amazing book will have you laughing and crying and wishing you had lived in a place like Wicklow, Alabama.

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