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Mile High book pdf download for free or read online, also Mile High pdf was written by Liz Tomforde.

Liz Tomforde writes sports novels that describe realistic and healthy relationships. His books offer a mixture of witty jokes and real-life struggles. Its heroes are alpha but vulnerable, and its heroines are strong.

Born and raised in the Northern California, Liz is the youngest of 5 children. He loves everything to do with romance, travel, dogs and hockey.

BookMile High
AuthorLiz Tomforde
Size651 KB

Mile High Book PDF download for free

Mile High Book PDF download for free

Evan Zanders (Zee) is shown as this pro hockey bad boy who is the man everyone loves to hate and who goes home with different women every night of the week and only cares about himself and nobody else. in his life, but in reality ; This man is one of the most caring people in the whole world. A big juice if you will. He has a heart of gold but rarely lets people in due to past trauma and does not wish to be hurt again.

Stevie (Vee), my sweet girl, reminds me a lot of myself and I think the author wrote it in hopes that some (if not all) women could relate to her.

He has a heavenly attitude but he’s so sweet. One minute she’s overly critical of her body and the next she’s so confident in her own skin and she shows it by attracting what she wants. She is a great role model for any girl of any age. Although she can criticize herself at times, she shines throughout the book by flaunting her positive attitude and learning to be more confident about her own skin.

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Mile High Book Pdf Download

Liz Tomforde not only writes some of the best hockey romances, but also soul-healing stories! I loved their early releases. I honestly didn’t know if I would love a book like I loved its original releases, but I was wrong. She has surpassed herself with Zander and Stevie. I mean, gosh, I couldn’t put the book down and read the first Wattpad publication of this story.

But that’s how good Liz’s writing is, no matter how many times you’ve read her books, it’s different every time. Liz knows how to convey all the emotions in her books to you. There are times when you are happy, angry, laughing and sometimes you just cry because of the pain his character conveys in his stories.

possible spoilers

Mike High is no different. Stevie is a beautiful, wild woman who just loves all puppies and wants someone to pick her above everything else. She’s also like a normal girl who gets angry and lets some people treat her like she’s not worthy, but not with Zanders. She shows to Zanders exactly who she is and how she should always be treated. She doesn’t accept any of his playboy tactics and he has no idea what to make of it.

Everyone loves to hate walleye, but nobody loves walleye like he does. He’s your typical hockey bad boy, but that’s exactly what he wants the outside world to see. Zanders is a total squash when it comes to the people he loves, except when you try to mess with them he’s like ice. When he meets Stevie and his playboy tactics don’t work, his world is turned upside down.

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Growing with not only Zanders but Stevie is insane and makes me love this book so much. The portrayal of mental health in Liz’s book is simply incredible. With all his books, I never wanted them to end. I can’t wait for the next book in the series and see Liz becoming an even more amazing author.

I loved that! Zanders is arrogant, uncompromising and a true alpha male. Stevie is cheeky, sarcastically hilarious and a sweet soul. Watching them meet and trying to ignore their attraction because they couldn’t be together and fight for each other was a real delight. I couldn’t leave this! And the content: Being the stewardess on the team plane is absolutely unique. I haven’t read any other book that deals with this.

The spice was 5/5. Zanders is a playboy so he has moves and skills he deserves, but I was pleasantly surprised by Stevie’s confidence, even if he was initially hesitant. They were flammable in the best way. On the romantic side, I couldn’t stop fainting. The way Zanders loves Stevie through his insecurities and the way Stevie loves him through her grudges on the past is so good. They challenge each other and get stronger.

The presentation of the importance of mental health was a breath of fresh air. Very few sports novels acknowledge the intense pressure that must come from competing at this level, but the fact that the male lead is both a pseudo-expert and a true defender makes Zanders very special.

Also, this might be my all-time favorite depiction of a curvy heroine. The complexity of how that affects not only who you are as a person, but how others treat you in different ways. It was a big part of how Stevie sees herself, and seeing Zanders use his therapy techniques to break down her walls and reteach her the importance of self-esteem was the most romantic part of this story. True love builds others up and keeps them going with your support and dedication.

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This story is complex, moving and exciting. And preparing for future books in the series makes me very excited to see more from Liz. I can’t wait for the next Indy story. This is a must-read for any sports romance lover.

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