Download Mister Concierge [PDF] By B. Love

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Mister Concierge book pdf download for free or read online, also Mister Concierge pdf was written by B. Love.

BookMister Concierge
AuthorB. Love
Size506 KB

Mister Concierge Book PDF download for free

Mister Concierge Book PDF download for free

Hosea Thompson lives life without compromise. The carefree, fun-loving bachelor is not quick to commit to commitments or relationships after the woman he loved leaves without saying goodbye. Focused only on his family, friends and his money, Hosea finds it hard to keep his distance when tragedy brings an unexpected guest to his door.

When Cartier Williams witnesses a crime and has to return to his hometown, there’s only one person he wants to stay with: Hosea.

Years have passed since they met, and Cartier is no longer the fragile and awkward teenager she used to be. Instead, she is a woman in need of protection and comfort and a man worthy of her submission.

What begins as kindred spirits experiencing each other as adults quickly morphs into a more intimate exchange. One in which Hosea wants to win back the heart of his ex. There’s only one problem between consenting adults, and that’s Cartier’s travel expiration date. As soon as it’s safe to return home, Cartier plans to leave… even if it means taking Hosea’s already broken heart with him.

Mister Concierge Book Pdf Download

The janitor doesn’t owe me anything! I totally devoured every part of this book. A tragic event occurs and Cartier must flee to his hometown for safety. She can choose which family and/or friends she wants to stay with, and she chooses Hosea. She knew immediately that Hosea was that guy because she didn’t hesitate to let the sister of her friend, Cartier, stay with him. He promised that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her and he did!

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Hosea is a very protective person and a natural leader. He was exactly what Cartier needed in her life because her ex wasn’t! These two were clearly meant to be, and I think everyone else saw it coming. I want to say that these are friends of lovers, but I don’t know if I can call it that, since they weren’t necessarily friends, but they were affectionate and had mutual friends.

It was clear that there was always an attraction between the two, but never an act, but everything changes. The closeness of each other made all these feelings come to light. It was intense, the sexual frustration, they needed each other in the worst possible way. The build was worth it, because when she finally took her clothes off, she was on! The chemistry between Hosea and Cartier was so obvious and they didn’t hold back!

I loved that this book had a little bit of everything: drama, plot twists, intimacy, BDSM highlights, purposeful dating, and all the love my heart could handle. Hosea is in a class of his own: he spoke on purpose and the way he spoke about life at Cartier made the passages stand out a lot for me. The subtle and uplifting words were greatly appreciated! I loved this book!! ?

When we first meet Cartier, she is dating this lover named Raven. He was so cute at first, but like most men, he lost his job and started cheating. She asked Cartier for a break and she agreed…

Later that night, Cartier witnesses a crime and the thief sees her face and tells her to tell everyone I’m going to kill you. Not feeling safe with the help of the police, she calls her brother Ella Saint.

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Now we have Hosea coming to terms with his own loss of the woman who left him for no reason after opening up and saying I love you. When Saut says that Hosea Cartier is in trouble and he only feels safe with him, she takes her in with no problem…

Their budding love story plus the friendship they already had was all they both needed.
He taught her how to swim and ride a bike and showed her through her actions that he loved her…

When her past comes back to haunt him, she put her relationship to the test, but it worked as it was supposed to.

I didn’t really see the twists coming at the end, but they added a lot of action to the book…

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