Download Naked In Death [PDF] By J.D. Robb

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Naked In Death book pdf download for free or read online, also Naked In Death pdf was written by J.D. Robb.

BookNaked In Death
AuthorJ.D. Robb
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Naked In Death Book PDF download for free

Naked In Death Book PDF download for free

Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant on the hunt for a ruthless killer. In more than ten years with the force, he has seen it all and knows his survival depends on his instincts. And he defies all warnings telling him not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire and suspect in Eve’s murder investigation.

But passion and seduction have their own rules, and it’s up to Eve to risk herself in the arms of a man she knows nothing about except the addictive hunger to need her touch.

Naked In Death Book Pdf Download

Naked in Death is the first in a series written by Nora Roberts under the name J D Robb. It is interesting in several ways. It’s set in the mid-21st century. The protagonist is named Eve Dallas, a homicide detective. The book is medium length and the narration is fairly straightforward Standard American Conversational English. As such, it’s a good candidate for an audio book.

There is a degree of graphic violence, obscene street language and graphic sexual activity. I liked the book and am glad I read it. Another reviewer stated that he does not like reading this novel before bed. That makes sense to me. There was one particularly violent episode that I read late at night and had the same thoughts. There are some types of criminal activity that I find absolutely disgusting.

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The author has also written romance novels. Her first romance novel that I know is Irish Thoroughbred. Although the stories are very different, romance versus violent crime, I recognized some artistic similarities. It strikes me that Nora Roberts took some artistic ideas from the past and reworked them a bit and used them in a new crime novel. I’m glad I read both novels.

From what I’ve read, Nora Roberts is an extremely popular author. I think I can understand why. Although I have read few of his novels, they feel popular. They remind me of a reading version of prime time television. Personally, I wouldn’t classify it as high literature.

In summary, I liked this novel as an easy read, not necessarily a funny one. I’d put that in the second tier of literature, well, not great. I’m glad to be familiar with the style of Nora Roberts, but to me her novels, while successful and hugely popular, are not at the highest level of literature.

JD Robb is Nora Roberts alias for her In Death series starring Eve Dallas, a police lieutenant set in a futuristic 2050s New York. Naked in Death was first released about 20 years ago when some of the gadgets Eve uses in her crimefighting game seemed like more sci-fi than anything else, but now, with advances in technology, they seem to be within reach.

I personally would love a car that could get me out of traffic jams like theirs. Eve has almost no personal life, instead her whole existence revolves around being a police officer and representing the victims while finding justice for them. He only has two people in his life who he would truly call friends: Mavis, a con man he met early in his career, and Captain Ryan Feeney, his mentor on the force and probably the closest thing to a father , what ever was. colored. She has very few memories of her early childhood before she was found abused and abandoned in a Dallas alley.

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In fact, this is where his name, given to him by a social worker, comes from. When a senator’s prostituted daughter is found brutally murdered, Eve must solve the crime while fighting not only her attraction to her prime suspect, Roarke, one of the richest men in the world and a man with secrets of his own, but demons from his past. like your memories begin to reappear.

Naked in Death is a fast-paced, riveting thriller packed with mystery, suspense and crime without skimping on gory detail and a few twists and turns in the tail so nothing is too predictable before it comes to a satisfying conclusion. Adding just the right amount of romance adds to the story and the chemistry between Eve and Roarke was palpable. Overall this was a great start to the series and I look forward to seeing how the characters develop as the series progresses.

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