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Never Look Back book pdf download for free or read online, also Never Look Back pdf was written by A.L. Jackson.

ALABAMA. Jackson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy and heartbreaking stories about guys who normally like to be a little mean.

BookNever Look Back
AuthorA.L. Jackson
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Never Look Back Book PDF download for free

Never Look Back Book PDF download for free

Bestselling author A.L. NYT and USA Today’s Jackson presents a love story between enemies and lovers, a second-chance romance…

Logan Lawson won me a bet.

When I saw him sitting at the illegal gaming table, I knew he was in trouble.

Years ago he sealed my fate and sentenced me to a life I didn’t want to live.

But he is full of untamed rage and thirsty for revenge against the husband he hates.

Aster Costa is everything I should never have wished for.

The moment he showed up with her pompous and mischievous husband, I should have gotten up and left.

But you can’t look away from the woman who ruined me.

Worse yet, I can’t help but make plans to get her back.

I want nothing more than to be free from my husband.

I’m afraid Logan Lawson is the only one who makes it happen.

He may hate me for our past, but now it’s me on my knees asking for help.

Meeting in the middle shouldn’t be part of the deal.

But as soon as Logan touches me, I’m gone.

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A torch lights up again. A fire is lit.

Aster Costa has always been mine.

And this time I won’t return them at all costs…

Never Look Back Book Pdf Download

Never Look Back is the 3 book in the Redemption Hills series. The Lawson Brothers series and this story follow the lives of Logan Lawson and Aster Costa. Full of drama, fear and the mafia underworld, it is also the story of a second chance romance between these two characters. I’m a fan of this trope and love it when there’s a story between the main characters. I loved the Trent and Jud books, but Logan’s story reminded me of Mrs. Jackson’s early writing and why I fell in love with her writing.
On the surface, Logan Lawson had it all.

He’s rich, he loves his brothers and he’s the coolest uncle to his niece and nephew Gage and Juni Bee. He is on top of the card world until one night he is confronted by his past, Aster Costa, the woman who broke him for all other women. Aster is there with her husband Jarek Urso, an evil man who needs her luck and is desperate to win. But instead, he loses Aster to Logan over a bet that will change the course of their lives.

Aster is not happy with this arrangement, though feelings for Logan from years ago come to the surface. The chemistry between these two is flammable when they’re together, but Aster knows she needs a plan to get away from her insane husband and out of the underworld so she and Logan have a chance.

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The supporting characters play an important role in the story, especially Gretchen, who provided much-needed humor. We can delve into the past to get a glimpse of how Logan and Aster’s budding love began, and the dual perspectives give insight into what the characters are feeling and thinking. Mrs. Jackson is at her best with this story and she is one of my absolute favorites!

Reading Never Look Back was like feeling the kind of love that should always be, charged but never forgotten, written in the stars. And it’s worth it!

Aster and Logan were young and in love. Correspondence, the secret meeting of love. A love that wasn’t meant to be from the beginning. Two families that could not be reunited, a world that would not welcome them. They planned to leave everything behind, but one night everything changed.

Seven years later they meet again, on opposite sides again. She turns to him for help, trusting that the boy she loved is still somewhere inside of him. And Logan is still the same guy, but much more.

You fight hard against attraction, because one heart calls after another. But there is too much guilt, too much pain. But there is also so much chemistry and so much love. The tension between them was almost as overwhelming as the love they share. And it was wonderful to see how he brought her to her knees.

They are both missing a piece, and wherever they have been, they should always find each other. Two stars that shine brightly in the night sky. Amy’s unique writing style ensures that you are a part of her world, that you feel what she feels. And then she turns all the pain into a love story that will last forever.

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