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Nicky The Driver book pdf download for free or read online, also Nicky The Driver pdf was written by Cate C. Wells.

Cate C. Wells is the author of the series Steel Bones Motorcycle Club and Stonecut County. She writes raw, real, emotionally satisfying romance. She likes messy love, mistakes, long roads to salvation, grace and happiness forever, in books and in life.

BookNicky The Driver
AuthorCate C. Wells
Size976 KB

Nicky The Driver Book PDF download for free

Nicky The Driver Book PDF download for free

Nicky the Driver is a dark mob romance. It is the second book in The Underboss Insurrection series, but can also be read on its own. Intended for adult readers only. HEA guaranteed.

Nicky The Driver Book Pdf Download

Nicky the Driver is another absolute star of Cate C. Wells. It was dark without being over the top, with just the right amount of grit and steam to keep readers on their toes and wanting more. What started out as a few quick chapters before going to bed eventually forced me to put the book down by 5am (well yeah I had a lot of fun the next day even though I finished reading it lol) . Zita is engaged to her childhood sweetheart. Although her partner is not perfect, she loves him and he will give her the security she needs and get her out of the mob life she grew up in.

When his brother’s life is threatened, he accepts the lifebelt offered to him. Her: Marry Nicky Biancolli and make him happy. Nicky, the boy she asked her cousin to talk to because he kept following her and watching her in high school, which takes the obsession to a whole new level. He takes her home that night with the intention of marrying her in the near future and letting them build a life together. Calm my beating heart…

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If you read the previous book in this series, Run Posy Run, you will be familiar with some of the characters in Book 2. While some of them contain more than others, the focus is definitely on Zita and Nicky, with whom the latter is confronted not only with her new life, but also with her inner self-loathing for being raised by selfish and abusive parents.

For Nicky there is only one priority in his life: Zita. He’s made her the obsession of his life, and every decision he’s made revolves around having her as his ultimate goal in life. He was jealous, possessive, and earned stalking gold medal status, but despite all of this (or maybe because of it), the author has readers for him not just because of his own lousy upbringing, but because she once again wrote a flawed but replaceable character. Despite being a killer and obsessed with Zita, he’s not an idiot or creepy. Quite simply, Zita is the sunshine in her life and will do anything to make her happy.

I think the author’s incredible ability to write a storyline that isn’t over the top yet still keeps a dark edge helps sell this because everything about Nicky worked for me and I loved him. Zita had her problems too, spending a lot of time in her own head and desperately trying to have some semblance of control over her own life without believing in her own worth. Like Nicky, she was a complex character that you wanted to animate.

As expected from a book by this author, the writing style was on point throughout the novel. From the fantastic beginning to the end she kept me hooked and by the final chapter I wanted even more from the two main characters. While the notion of an over-the-top stalker might put some readers off (or, like me, make them click lol), Nicky’s total love for Zita was invariably dynamite.

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For him, she was perfect and the only good thing in his life: “She’s perfect… She doesn’t think so, but she is. She always has been. She’s a good thing in an ugly world…’ The development of their relationship as they adjust to each other is well written and the sensual moments are hot and heavy without dominating the plot.

For those who need trigger warnings, as this is set in this author’s criminal underworld, you can expect some acts of violence and hints of illegal activity (e.g. murder). There are also several references to domestic violence and eating disorders, particularly binge eating. The book is told from Zita and Nicky’s point of view throughout the story.

Nicky was picture perfect, from his gritty, dangerous and graphically realistic outlook on life to his love for Zita and desire to be with her, coupled with the latter’s struggles with her own personal struggles made this an excellent read. This book will definitely go into my favorites folder and I’m already putting it at the top of my top reads for this year even though it’s only August. It is so good.

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