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Nightwork book pdf download for free or read online, also Nightwork pdf was written by Nora Roberts.

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author and has written over 200 novels, including Year One, Come Sundown, Shelter in Place, and many more. She is also the author of the successful In Death series, who goes by the pseudonym J.D. Robb was written. There are over half a billion copies of her books in print.

AuthorNora Roberts

Nightwork Book PDF download for free

Nightwork Book PDF download for free

Harry Booth began stealing at nine to give his ailing mother a place to stay, sneaking into empty luxurious houses at night to find items he could trade for valuable money.

When his mother finally succumbed to cancer, she left Chicago, but continued his night job, becoming a master thief with a code of honor and the ability to not draw attention to himself, or become attached to him.

Until he meets Miranda Emerson and the strong bond that unites them turns all his rules upside down.

But over time, Booth has formed some dangerous partnerships, including the ruthless Carter LaPorte, who sees Booth as a tool he controls for his own benefit. Knowing that LaPorte will use any personal connection, Booth, for his own safety, cruelly leaves Miranda without explanation and disappears.

But Miranda and Booth’s bond is too strong and inexorably brings them back together. Now Booth must confront LaPorte to free himself and Miranda once and for all.

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Nightwork Book Pdf Download

I can always trust that a Nora Roberts romantic thriller is easy to read, funny, and has great characters. I’ll admit, once Nightwork started and I realized the angle was Booth’s eyes, I was hesitant, but despite the use of him, Booth was incredibly easy to like. I think that because he was a thief with a code of honor. He researched what to steal and took just that item without falling prey to greed. Having a serious villain in LaPorte to compare to also helped.

Booth’s antics were definitely the lesser evil! I liked that we met Miranda quite late in Booth’s story. He really had to know him, for the obvious reason that he is a thief, but also because he was male. I don’t read too many novels with a male lead, which is purely coincidental and somewhat strange. When Miranda entered the story, I really liked it, I empathized with her circumstances and I wanted her to settle down, which of course didn’t happen. They were both super smart and perfect for each other, more like adults than teenagers.

I really liked the 11 aspects of the ocean in this book. This is a novel of good versus evil and I will always choose well. I’ll admit this property was a bit tarnished, but pairing Booth with Miranda gave them a shine that might have been lost if Booth was just trying to push the odds against LaPorte. There were some other great characters in this novel, Booth’s Aunt Mags was a New Age gypsy woman, a fun addition, and his Creole friends added extra color. Friendships are another thing Nora Robert is good at, and I always look forward to visiting her with a new cast of characters.

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If you like crime fiction with a bit of romance, I think you’ll enjoy Nightwork. There is some drama, romance and mystery all in one adventurous package. It was a great book for my beach vacation. I read it in one day!

Nora Roberts’ NIGHTWORK is a unique romantic thriller with a young hero who grows up to become a gentleman thief with his own set of rules and codes of ethics. This is an independent film told primarily from the hero’s point of view.

Harry Booth never knew about his father, but he always had the love of his mother and his Aunt Mags. When Harry was 9 years old, her mother had her first battle with cancer. The sister’s cleaning company can’t pay the bills and Harry starts stealing bags to help with the money. At age 12 he broke into homes, taking few valuables and never a gun. When Harry graduated from high school, his mother died after two referrals, he started his own business. He went to the south and his aunt went the west.

This is the beginning of a story that follows Harry, Silas, Booth, Sebastian (different identities) through the US, Europe, South America and then back to the US I loved the wacky family of thieves and con men he ran as a pseudo-family in New Orleans, though that’s where his problems with the story’s antagonist, LaPorte, lie. When he met Miranda Emerson, you knew it wasn’t going to last, especially considering her taro reading, but when they get back together as adults, it works.

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This is a very entertaining book. Booth’s travels and escapades are interesting, Miranda suits him perfectly, and all the other supporting characters are colorful and entertaining. The sex scenes are explicit, but not in vain and fast. There are ups and downs in the plot that will make you turn the pages.

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