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No Middle Name book pdf download for free or read online, also No Middle Name pdf was written by Lee Child.

BookNo Middle Name
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No Middle Name Book PDF download for free

No Middle Name Book PDF download for free

No Middle Name begins with Too Much Time, a new short story that Reacher finds in an empty town in Maine where he witnesses a random pickpocket but sees much more than just a crime. Small Wars takes readers back to 1989, when Reacher is a congressman tasked with solving the brutal murder of a young officer found on a remote Georgia logging road, and whose killer may be hiding in the plain sight.

In “Not a Drill,” Reacher tries to take some time off, but a nice hike in Maine turns into a walk on the wild side, and perhaps something much more sinister. “High Heat” jumps to 1977 when Reacher is a teenager in sweltering New York City, while a sudden power outage awakens the dark side of the city that never sleeps. Okinawa is the setting for “Second Son,” which reveals the crucial moment when young Reacher’s sharp “lizard brain” becomes as important as his brawn.

In Deep Down, Reacher tracks down a spy by combining his wits with four formidable women, three of whom are clean, but the fourth could prove deadly. Completing the collection are Guy Walks into a Bar, James Penney’s New Identity, Everyone Talks, The Picture of the Lonely Diner, Maybe They Have a Tradition and No Room at the Motel. ”

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no suitcase no goal No middle name. No matter how far off the beaten path Reacher travels, trouble always finds him. Feel bad about the problems.

No Middle Name Book Pdf Download

As someone who has been a fan of the Jack Reacher series for several years, I am always looking for more reading on this unusual retired army cop who travels the country and always seems to find the quite unusual people and also the incidents to investigate.

I recently received the book and loved this Jack Reacher collection. I always try to get into the habit of starting a book from the first page and going to the end of the book instead of some people skipping chapters etc. This book starts with the novel Too Long”, which turned out to be an interesting story about a crooked cop trying to frame Jack, but of course he’s too smart for that. I kept reading the rest of the wonderful stories (Second Son, Big Heat, Deep Down, Little Wars, James Penney’s New Identity, Everyone’s Talking, No Drill, Maybe They Have A Tradition, Guy Walks Into A Bar, No Room In Motel and the image of the lonely diner.

While I love a good action novel, I sometimes prefer reading short story collections to full-size novels, and I especially enjoyed this collection by Jack Reacher.

When I am not reading books that are relevant to my work as a religious pastor and journalist, I enjoy reading mysteries and mysteries. High on my must-read list is Lee Child, who has written twenty-one Jack Reacher novels, as well as the twelve short stories included in No Middle Name: The Complete Collection of Jack Reacher Short Stories, just released from Delacorte Press on March 16. May. .

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The book includes one new story, Too Much Time, and eleven previously published stories, the oldest of which, James Penney’s New Identity, was written in 1999. With the exception of “Too Much Time”, the stories begin with Reacher when I was a teenager and end in the present. I think they are of different quality. Too long is Lee Child at his best when Reacher is arrested for a crime we all know he didn’t commit. Maybe They Have a Tradition and No Room at the Motel, both Christmas stories about pregnancy, are right.

The most important rule of fiction is the willful suspension of disbelief, which is especially important when reading Reacher stories of any kind. Reacher is a distinguished former West Point-trained congressman who now travels the United States (and the world) with little more than some cash, his passport, and a folding toothbrush in his pocket. Along the way, he comes into conflict with villains whose crimes he uncovers and whose just punishment he inflicts, often with violence, even death. In other words, he is a homeless sociopath whose crude justice is directed at targets who made it their own.

What keeps you from dwelling too much on Reacher’s weaknesses, other than the fact that his hit targets are deplorable, is Lee Child’s prose, which I can only describe as kinetic. The child has a way of taking you word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page. He makes you want to know what’s going to happen next because you’re right there with Reacher wondering the same thing.

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Unless you’ve read the Jack Reacher stories, I wouldn’t start with No Middle Name, which I generally enjoyed. Start with The Killing Floor at the beginning. The novels will make you a fan. No middle name is for those who are already convinced.

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