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No Small Bet book pdf download for free or read online, also No Small Bet pdf was written by Samantha Christy.

BookNo Small Bet
AuthorSamantha Christy
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No Small Bet Book PDF download for free

No Small Bet Book PDF download for free

Hawk is arrogant, he is a big grump, rich and a big playboy. The man really only cares about himself and everyone knows it. Addison is loving, caring, determined, and a ray of sunshine. These two are complete opposites, their families don’t like each other, especially his brothers and Hawk and his brothers.

The tension, the jokes, the chemistry between these two was something else. I was totally hooked and couldn’t get enough of it. However, I loved seeing a very different side to Hawk and watching him grow through this story. Addison, I’ve loved her ever since she was in Ella Day’s brother’s book a long time ago. She has an amputation, but she doesn’t let it stop her from living her life to the fullest.

No Small Bet Pdf Download

I loved the story of Hawk and Addison and I love Tucker McQuaid and all forms of him. I can’t wait to get back to Calloway Creek and learn more about the rest of the McQuaid family.

If you’re looking for a single dad, boss/nanny, small town, enemy lovers, grumpy/sunny romance, these are the ones to check out.

No Small Bet was an addictive read that made you feel every emotion from utter joy to heart-wrenching pain to out-loud laughter. Hawk McQuaid and Addy Calloway are as different as night and day, but somehow they work and complement each other perfectly. I was drawn into his story from the first page and read it in one day. it was so good!!

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Addy was amazing!!! Tragedy had struck her life and she had lost part of her leg, but she never let it get her down. She was a fighter and had remarkable inner strength. She loved her with all her heart and I loved that she never left Hawk.

Hawk was selfish and unsympathetic and didn’t know how to cheer him up at first. His indifference to his daughter was painful, but Addy refused to let him be a part of her daughter’s life. Beneath her callous exterior beats the heart of a true romantic. She just had to allow herself to let emotions and feelings into her life so she could discover the man in herself.

The slow, tug-of-war chemistry between Addy and Hawk built gradually and was absolute perfection. As they gradually began to bond with each other, you could watch their feelings develop and watch them grow and change. I loved how protective Hawk was of Addy and I loved how Addy challenged Hawk at all times.

It was a tall order to redeem Hawk McQuaid, but I ended up falling head over heels for him. Filled with heartbreaking honesty, friendship and love, No Small Bet was a beautiful story about living each day to the fullest and fighting for what matters. This epilogue was flawless! Now I can’t wait for the next McQuaid brother to find his HEA.

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