Download Nobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty [PDF] By Lani Lynn Vale

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Nobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty book pdf download for free or read online, also Nobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty pdf was written by Lani Lynn Vale.

BookNobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty
AuthorLani Lynn Vale
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Nobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty Book PDF download for free

Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty Book PDF download for free

The problem with Wake was that it was understandable. He was the kind of villain that literally scared you to death because you knew that given the right circumstances, you could end up like him.

Which unfortunately was the case for me.

He had done exactly what Wake had done, and now he was a killer like Wake.

Did you know I did wrong? Definitely.

I regret that? No way.

Did you intend to change something? Also not.

Did I fall in love with a man designed to scare me to death? A resounding hell yes.

Nobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty Book Pdf Download

Let me start by saying that as a psychiatrist I felt like a Dutchman on several occasions. The only difference is that Dutch is a character from a book and he can do what we all think when it comes to child abuse. Wake appears to be a villain, but he is not. He also did exactly what we have all thought when it comes to child abuse. I find the relationship with Wake and his daughter cute. While he would love for her to be with him, she also understands that she has spent a lot of time away from him and with his aunt.

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Wake’s brother and ex-wife… those two made me scream. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. Dutch and Wake are a fresh new couple at the start of a new series. There is a bit of overlap with the previous series, but overall you see new people, new environments, and new problems. I really liked Dutch and Wake for each other. I just have all positive thoughts and feelings about this book. I like the change of location and look forward to meeting the other guys and gals from Gator Bait MC. Great job Lani!

Lani Lynn Vale is back in this riveting grayscale series opener that uses murder to reunite an unforgettable couple. It’s a fast-paced story, like many of Ms. Vale’s books, and with each turn I became more and more involved in this eclectic couple. Along with this decadently lovable main couple, readers discover a new cast of characters, members of the Gator Bait MC, a thoroughly entertaining group whose jokes sizzled and whose reasons for joining the MC added a unique layer to the story.

A legend to the people of his hometown, Wake is a strong and caring man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for good. He is a good father with a loving heart, an outspoken man who doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He is not your usual MC hero and I am very grateful for that as I enjoyed seeing all the layers that make up Wake. He and Dutch sizzle from the start, striking up conversations about murder, and that’s the first step in turning them into something bigger.

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When Wake meets Dutch, he is with her! He claims her when she least expects him, leading to an unforgettable romance and an amazing couple. Dutch is the perfect match for Wake, a loving and caring woman full of cheek who will do whatever it takes to protect others. His first meeting with Wake set them on an unforgettable path and defined who they are in a world of gray.

Mrs. Vale made another winner! She has given readers an unforgettable hero, one that is not easy to define, and she has given us reasons to support him. The heroine is also more than capable of matching him, and I loved seeing the sensual dance they performed around each other. This is also a steamy story with a bit of suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. As I panted through this book, I yearned for more, drawn to the MC members’ stories presented to us here, cleverly written by the talented Ms. Vale!

Some saw a hero in Wake Westfield. Others saw him as a criminal, as he had time to go on a murderous rampage against local pedophiles after his daughter got too close to a phone call that ruined his childhood innocence. Psychologist Dutch Panchek saw in Wake a way to help her get justice for a girl and her mother who could no longer get the justice they deserved from her. And Wake saw in Dutch the woman who should be his. . .

Welcome to Accident, Florida. . . where the sheriff is as corrupt as he seems and where there seem to be too many pedophiles within the county limits. I loved everything about this story. Wake is an amazing antihero. He did wrong, but for the right reasons, and I can’t even feel the slightest bit of guilt for wanting to encourage his actions. Dutch is literally the perfect woman for him.

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Dutch and Wake couldn’t be hotter. Literal lust at first sight, which quickly turns into more. . . and I loved the instant love aspect so much because it was perfect for her. They both jump feet first into situations without thinking, so why should their relationship be any different?

This book was packed with new characters that I can’t wait to meet. The corruption you know is far from being eliminated from the small town. An extremely dirty sheriff who targets the main characters. And an MC full of ex-cons protecting those who need it most. I’m super excited for the next book in this series because Lani Lynn Vale knocked out No One Cares Unless You’re Pretty Outside The Ballpark!

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