Download Nothing More To Tell [PDF] By Karen M. McManus

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Nothing More To Tell book pdf download for free or read online, also Nothing More To Tell pdf was written by Karen M. McManus.

Karen M. McManus is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and international writer of thrillers for young adults. His books include the series One of Us Lies, which was made into a television show on Peacock and Netflix, and the standalone novels Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins, You’ll Be the Death of Me ‘ and ‘Nothing’. . more to tell. Karen’s award-winning and critically acclaimed work has been translated into more than 40 languages.

BookNothing More To Tell
AuthorKaren M. McManus

Nothing More To Tell Book PDF download for free

Nothing More To Tell Book PDF download for free

Four years ago, Brynn left Saint Ambrose School following the shocking murder of her favorite teacher, a story that made headlines after three Saint Ambrose students found the teacher’s body in the woods behind their school. The case was never solved. Now that Brynn is moving home and starting her dream internship on a true crime series, she’s determined to find out what really happened.

The kids Mr. Larkin found are his path, and his former best friend Tripp Talbot was one of them. Had it not been for his account of events, the other two boys might have fallen for Mr Larkin’s murder, but thanks to Tripp they are now at the top of Saint Ambrose’s social pyramid. Tripp’s friends have never forgotten that what Tripp did for them that day, and neither has he. Just like that he hasn’t forgotten that everything he told the police was a lie.

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Digging into the past is sure to shake the present, and as Brynn begins to investigate what happened in the woods that day, she uncovers secrets that could change everything: about Saint Ambrose, about Mr. Larkin, and about her former one best girl friend. Trip Talbot.

Four years ago someone got away with it. What’s

Nothing More To Tell Book Pdf Download

I don’t read much YA anymore, but I still look forward to the books by Karen M. McManus. While this isn’t one of my favorites of hers, it was entertaining and managed to keep me interested at a time when many other books weren’t.

The story is told alternately from the first-person perspective between Brynn and Tripp. I thought McManus did a pretty good job of making their voices clear and there were only a couple of times where I got confused as to which point we were on (something that was more common in some of his other books). While I liked that the viewpoints were limited to just two characters, I sometimes wished there were others just because I didn’t find any of the main characters that likable.

I found the general premise of the mystery interesting, but the execution left a little to be desired. The clues spread slowly and there were many red herrings. Although the killer was pretty obvious by the end, for a while it seemed like the investigation would just throw everything against the wall to see what would stick. It didn’t seem as carefully planned as you would expect from this author. I also like my mysteries wrapped in a cute bow, but this one didn’t give me enough closure.

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All in all, I liked not having to tell anything more. I’ve been flipping books left to right for the last two weeks and this one really caught my eye and just couldn’t let go. I sent the romance even if the characters weren’t my favorites. He wanted to see good things happen for her. McManus fans will also appreciate the multiple mentions of characters from his other books. While I wouldn’t pick this up again, I look forward to what McManus writes next.

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