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Oath Of Submission book pdf download for free or read online, also Oath Of Submission pdf was written by Jane Henry.

BookOath Of Submission
AuthorJane Henry
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Oath Of Submission Book PDF download for free

Oath Of Submission Book PDF download for free

He gave me two options: take her life or marry her.

When Marialena Rossi came into my life and destroyed my plans, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Who I am. The consequences.

She will take my name.
give my children

No matter what, she will learn two things: vows are unbreakable, and my word is law.

Oath Of Submission Pdf Download

The seventh story in this series, Deviant Doms kept the reader immersed in the story, turning the pages as the story unfolded. It is a mixture of family, loyalty, secrets, lies, betrayal, mystery, suspense, life and death, danger and an action romance.

Oath Of Submission story centers on the youngest of the Rossi children, Marialena. She will once again do her best to let her guard down and this time she will find herself in a different mess. She goes to help a young girl escape, but now she is the target. There is an order between the mafia bosses and Romeo must obey or war will break out. Marialena will really find herself in an arranged marriage with Salvatore Capo.

Marialena will only have just an hour to pack and also be ready to leave with Salvatore. From the moment they get on her private plane and have problems, she shows him that she has a backbone.

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Salvatore: You don’t seem to care. You don’t seem offended at all.
Marialena: You didn’t choose an average woman, Salvatore. I’m a rossi. You have to try so much harder to surprise me.
Salvatore: I’ll remember.

I liked Salvatore and Marialena together. They have chemistry and work well together. I think he’s quite surprised by her calm in times of stress. He may have been toying with her bodyguard, but when it comes to herself, she’s adamant. Salvatore needs to get married, but he is not looking for love. He sometimes he finds you when you’re not looking.

Marialena is the youngest daughter of the Rossi family and she knows exactly what it means to live in such a family. She certainly pushes the envelope, but she was raised to know what’s expected of a mob wife. What she doesn’t expect is to become one practically overnight. Salvatore falls into the lap of the perfect mob princess. He needs a woman but he doesn’t believe in love.

Unfortunately, Marialena is turning from a warm and loving family into the proverbial nest of vipers. I love how Salvatore is not willing to trust, but somehow Marialena penetrates her heart. He may be a ruthless gangster, but to her, he’s ready to smile. Your romantic scenes are sooo great. Absolutely amazing HEA. My only regret, since she is the last sister, I think this could be the end of this particular series. Although maybe we can get the stories of the cousins??

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