Download One Hundred Years Of Solitude [PDF] By Gabriel García Márquez

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One Hundred Years Of Solitude book pdf download for free or read online, also One Hundred Years Of Solitude pdf was written by Gabriel García Márquez.

BookOne Hundred Years Of Solitude
AuthorGabriel García Márquez
Size1.7 MB

One Hundred Years Of Solitude Book PDF download for free

One Hundred Years Of Solitude Book PDF download for free

One of the enduring works of the 20th century, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a much-loved and celebrated novel, known throughout the world, and the pinnacle of a Nobel Prize-winning career.

The novel narrates the rise and fall of the mythical city of Macondo through the history of the Buendía family. Rich and brilliant, it is a chronicle of the life, death and tragicomedy of humanity. In the beautiful, ridiculous and cheesy story of the Buendía family, all of humanity is seen, just as all of Latin America is seen in the history, myths, growth and decline of Macondo.

Love and lust, war and revolution, wealth and poverty, youth and old age, the diversity of life, the eternity of death, the search for peace and truth: these universal themes dominate the novel. Alternately amazing and comical, One Hundred Years of Solitude weaves together the political, the personal, and the spiritual to bring a new consciousness to the narrative. This impressive work, translated into dozens of languages, is nothing less than an account of human history.

One Hundred Years Of Solitude Book Pdf Download

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, loneliness can be shared and appreciated. This can be comforting, but it can also be an unbearable burden.

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In the part-real, part-fantasy world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, with the distinction between the two periodically oscillating at a random amplitude, ice is a rare gem, wars are fought with magnifying glasses, and the immune system can be almost infinitely resilient. to pathogens. Obstinacy and dogmatism become survival tools, provoking war and keeping the imagination in limbo. Fear ranks lower than curiosity, but curiosity can destroy social coherence and shared goals. Curiosity dominates, from birth, without worrying about any Icarus wax.

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, the distribution and diversity of bird life can act as both a leading light and an aural source of madness. Inventions can be in the imagination and canonically disrupt family life with their penchant for policing and toughening up their younger members. Fortune-telling and other flights of fancy can co-exist with scientific and technical innovations, with wandering gypsies being the innovators. There is also a bit of postmodern nihilism where words have filed for divorce from their reference persons.

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, memory loss is a collective infection, as is insomnia. There is regularity but also an unbalanced ethos, namely the dance, a consequence of the precision of the metronome and the player piano. Social grace and rigidity of manners are just as important as intelligence and other forms of linguistic tools of social manipulation. But fantasies and the tools used to demonstrate them can be destroyed just as zealously as when they were invented.

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In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, one can enter the soil of the earth, even consume it, without considering any deities and without even asking for their help. The war is caused by the usual divisions, the usual ideological spirits, along with both religious and anti-religious fevers. Counterfeit and quackery and charlatans are spreading in the territory with substitute concepts and ineffective pills. The cruelty and brutality of the leaders fit well with their political dogmatism.

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, insomnia is not caused by worry or guilt, but by a plague. The passion and sex are non-violent, but strong enough to wake the dead and take place in inconvenient places. As usual, those who fought in these wars did not know why they were doing it. Genetic purity defies the status quo and, with its characteristic lack of guts, wields violence against the wild beasts that possess it.

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, the rush of power (as fictional as the latter may be) combines with other remote and exaggerated emotions, leaving power to wallow like a pig in a dunghill of temporary glory. Isolation causes power to diminish exponentially, leaving the victim disoriented and more alone than ever.

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, family backgrounds, affiliations, names, and traits are the result of disturbances and random combinations that build charge when rubbed together, repel each other when the same character meets, and bond otherwise. . The volatility of prospects comes without the crippling latency of inaction.

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In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, beauty emerges, incredible beauty, incredible beauty, provoking typical and atypical responses that hypnotize both the weak and the strong, but evoke loneliness in its bearer. But this beauty is natural and different from the surrogate beauty of authority figures, which is usually wrapped in bracelets and crepe paper.

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, towns and villages can be transformed by both invention and doubt, by decadent saboteurs who open their triangles to any willing and paid cylinder. Tolerance, as well as xenophobia, is evident in the eruption of foreign elements that diffuse across borders and mix ergodically with the residents, transforming their architecture and forcing them to have improper manners and excesses of tact, prudence and ethnic tolerance. .

In the world of One Hundred Years Of Solitude story, intuition can beat perception, and cognition can sometimes beat intuition, but ice cream can be made in a hot jungle. Gluttony is celebrated as hospitality. The stomach can sometimes have unlimited volume. Frivolous thoughts are sometimes quickly suppressed…

….but the descriptions use phrases that continue as effectively and magnificently as the human generations that encompass this story; this incredible display of literary machinations.

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