Download One Week Wingman [PDF] By Lila Monroe

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One Week Wingman book pdf download for free or read online, also One Week Wingman pdf was written by Lila Monroe.

BookOne Week Wingman
AuthorLila Monroe
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One Week Wingman Book PDF download for free

One Week Wingman Book PDF download for free

Fake Date. actual problem. Fall in love in a new romcom featuring fake dating and trope tactics from USA Today bestselling author Lila Monroe!

Handsome, British and charming, Sebastian Prescott is the last man you can trust. As a bartender at Mavericks, I’ve seen their love-and-leave-em routine up close, and I know becoming another notch in the pillar of their king-size bed isn’t in my best interest. But when a little white lie catches up with me, Seb turns out to be exactly the man I need for the job…

Pose my fake boyfriend of the week.

Look, I dreamed up The Perfect Man™ to keep my nosy family off my case, but now I’m back home for my high school reunion, my sister is (surprise surprise!) engaged to my ex, and I’m first in line to win the biggest disappointment. I need Mr. Perfect to match me up and keep me from humiliation, and since he doesn’t exist I have to settle for the biggest playboy in New York.

A disaster cocktail? I imagine so, but while we’re sucked into small-town fun, family drama, and drunken striptease karaoke (don’t ask), I find Seb to be more than just charm and eye-openers in bed. Much more. But when the week is over, will our fake date become real? Or should our flirtatious adventure remain fiction?

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Find out in USA Today bestselling author Lila Monroe’s hot and hilarious new romantic comedy!

One Week Wingman Book Pdf Download

This Billionaire Bachelors series is one of my absolute favorites and I’ve been eagerly awaiting Seb’s story. All he knew was that Roxie King, the waitress at Maverick’s Boys Club, would do her best and take no complaints from the charming, wealthy player.

Too bad Roxie doesn’t have the same courage when it comes to her family and hometown. She created a too good to be true and too fake boyfriend to upset her family with all their talk about their union. Now that her class reunion is coming up, she doesn’t have a “Stefano” to introduce her family or show off to the nasty girls. But she recently bailed out one of her bosses, Sebastian Wainwright, and now he owes her.

When Roxie asks Seb to visit her hometown and act like her fake boyfriend, he comes across as half-hearted and unwilling as a man can be, but then a business opportunity presents itself that would definitely be worth her time, one to have girlfriend. He’s just a smart businessman, so he takes advantage of Roxie’s suggestion.

They both come in with their eyes wide open and it works great. Roxie talks to Seb’s business prospect, and Seb charms his family and puts some bad girls in their place. You really fool everyone! Until they aren’t. The only people who continue to be fooled by this setup are Roxie and Seb as their acting feels authentic and the fake becomes too real.

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I adore Monroe’s writing and know that every time I pick up one of her romances I look forward to an epic and entertaining read. Roxie and Seb are adorably entertaining. They can be opposites in many ways, but together they work perfectly. This one is fun and steamy but full of emotion and heart. It’s guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and a happy sigh in your heart, so make sure you don’t miss out!

One-Week Wingman was a charming and light-hearted read, full of humor, steam, and emotion. Sebastian and Roxy were a lovely duo that has hot chemistry and is a lot of fun. This whole series was one of my favorites from Lila Monroe, especially since fake relationships are my thing.

Roxy is energetic and kind-hearted, but feels that she has not lived up to her life’s expectations. She’s a bit lost and doesn’t quite know what to do with her life. With Sebastian’s help, she begins to see what makes her truly happy and how to achieve her dreams without disappointing her loved ones.

Sebastian is the charming playboy who is never short of female attention, but deep down he craves love. He has a heart of gold and is sweet, caring, and larger than life. He’s literally passed out.

This delightful fake fiancee story was a delightful addition to this series. Each story was so much fun and this one was no exception. Now I can’t wait for Piper and Flynn’s story!

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