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Open Book book pdf download for free or read online, also Open Book pdf was written by Jessica Simpson.

BookOpen Book
AuthorJessica Simpson
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Open Book Book PDF download for free

Open Book Book PDF download for free

It should be a completely different book. 5 years ago, Jessica Simpson was asked to write a very motivational guide to living her best life. She walked away from the offer and no one understood why. The truth is that she didn’t want to lie.

Jessica couldn’t be authentic with her readers if she wasn’t completely honest with herself first.

Now America’s Sweetheart, preacher’s daughter, pop phenomenon, reality TV pioneer and billionaire fashion mogul takes readers on an extraordinary journey, examining a life that has blessed her with the compassion to help others, but also with an almost overwhelming need to satisfy . Open Book is Jessica Simpson using her voice, heart, soul and humor to share things she has never shared before.

First celebrated for her voice, she has become one of the most talked about women in the world, whether it’s for music and fashion, her relationship problems or as a walking blonde prankster. But now instead of talking about it, Jessica talks.

Sharing the wisdom and inspiration she has learned, her book portrays the real woman behind all the pop culture clichés: ‘fish or chicken’, ‘daisy duke’, ‘soccer jinx’, ‘mom jeans’, ‘ sexual napalm…” and more. Open Book is a chance to laugh and cry with a close friend, one that will inspire you to live your best, most authentic life now that she’s finally living hers.

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Open Book Book Pdf Download

Every time a celebrity publishes a book about their life, you wonder how much they’re really going to share. These are people who live off their public image, so they need to be very careful about the amount and type of things they can reveal about their private lives, because those details can affect or destroy their careers.

That’s why I loved this book so much, because Jessica Simpson is so brave and so honest and so brave to tell her story. She shares everything and makes her fans/readers part of the story. She wrote it to make it feel like we were all going to visit her and relive all those moments of her life together with her as she tells her story. The writing style is very open and sincere; I really felt that she put her heart into this book.

I was a teenager growing up watching Newlyweds; I was obsessed with this whole era of Britney, Christina Aguilera, 98 Degrees, N’Sync. Then when Jessica and Nick’s show aired OMG they became the hot couple of the 2000’s I remember wanting to be like Jessica even in her giddy blonde moments she was so funny so happy and so inspiring. She had it all, a beautiful house, beautiful dresses and handbags, and the most romantic and handsome husband of all. So I decided to follow her career. I’ve seen the show, all her movies, all the TV specials and I’ve sung to her kids (wrong), I’ve also always loved her fashion style and try to emulate it.

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Reading this book was like coming full circle in learning more about the idol I once followed. Now I am older and I am also a mother, so I wanted to read the truth about her life and her struggles. We all know what has been said about Jessica Simpson on TV and in magazines, but I wanted to hear her story in her own words and let me tell you, she was not disappointed.

The truth is that she is like any wife, mother, daughter, friend. Her problems and struggles are mostly the same as ours, the only difference is that paparazzi follow her and share every moment in pictures and that she can have much better and prettier clothes and accessories than most of us. But she also had to fight for her marriage and fight for money and deal with toxic relationships, self-loathing and insecurities. Say what you will about Jessica Simpson, but she really is an open book. She puts her heart and soul into everything she makes of her and, just like I did as a teenager, I continue to be inspired by her.

This book was super entertaining, inspiring, and even a little heartbreaking. No matter what’s going on in her life or what people say about her, I’m sure Jessica Simpson will continue to sing, thrive and always encourage and motivate others to be the best version of themselves. Really fantastic book.

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