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Past Tense book pdf download for free or read online, also Past Tense pdf was written by Lee Child.

BookPast Tense
AuthorLee Child
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Past Tense Book PDF download for free

Past Tense Book PDF download for free

Jack Reacher hits the sidewalk and sticks his thumb out. Follow the sun on an epic journey across America, from Maine to California. He doesn’t get far. On a country road deep in the New England woods, he sees a sign pointing to a place he’s never been: the town where his father was born. He thinks what’s an extra day? Take the detour.

At the same moment, in the same remote area, a car breaks down. Two young Canadians were on their way to New York City to sell a treasure. You are now stranded in a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere. The owners seem almost too friendly. It’s really a strange place, but it’s all there.

The next morning, in the town clerk’s office, Reacher asks about the family’s old home. He was told that no one named Reacher had ever lived in town. He always knew his father left and never came back, but now Reacher wonders was he ever there?

As Reacher investigates his father’s life and the Canadians face deadly danger, separate storylines begin to coalesce. Then the Reacher makes a shocking discovery: the present can be really tough, but the past can be tense. . . and deadly

Past Tense Book Pdf Download

Please do not read until you have really read the past tense.

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I enjoyed reading Past Tense in one day, mostly in one sitting, over Thanksgiving weekend, and followed Story A (Jack searches for family history) and Story B (People hunt people) with interest.

I love the writing style. i love the descriptions. I love inner monologues.

Still, I think Past Tense was a missed opportunity to really place Jack as a player in The Most Dangerous Game.

I can’t imagine that any of us who read stories (like this) aren’t familiar with the 1924 story, the 1932 film, and every written/screen version of The Most Dangerous Game that has bored a big game hunter since . Hunting animals, so he decides to hunt humans. I think part of the frustration for some readers is that we all “know” this story, so I think we know where the past tense goes. And we do that because we “know” this story. So in that sense, really nothing happens that we really don’t know is going to happen.

Story B is the story of humans chasing humans, and Jack’s story is story A, and just by accident humans are chasing Jack. — That, of course, the readers know that Jack is going to win, because that’s why we’re reading these things. — Jack always wins, the bad guys always lose. But as early as 1924, the hunted triumphed over the hunter. This is the reward for sitting on the edge of our seats wondering how it will turn out because we “know” the victories we are chasing. When the hunted loses, it’s not the romance we signed up for, and anger is the appropriate response to being betrayed by an author.

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So why are people disappointed? – unless you wish the A story, Jack’s story, had been people chasing Jack – which would have been a novel to read.

I wonder, but willingly endure disbelief, as Jack essentially burns down buildings, kills (murders?) ten people, the FBI after him. (Okay, okay, he doesn’t do any of this in the past tense, but he’s involved, if only marginally, while all of this is going on, and he’s always out for revenge or on the verge of such things in the ending of almost all novels) .

Maybe this is the story of humans hunting humans that is in Jack’s future? Maybe the US government will eventually send the FBI after Jack? Unless the United States government allows Jack to dispose of trash anywhere in the United States. Which I hope because I don’t want a Jack on the Run story, I want more Jack on the Road stories.

I’ll be back for the next episode of Jack next November, on the road, arriving in a small town, correcting big mistakes, fighting for the little one and then moving on. And I won’t be disappointed if that’s the story I get. I am pleased that the author has remained loyal to me as a reader.

Well, if there’s another creepy hotel owner doing creepy stuff, using the internet to lure the creepy or the innocent, or both, I can say, hey, this version of history is getting stale, but never say never. Maybe there’s a way to bring something new to the spooky motel vibe that we haven’t seen before.

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