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Peace Maker book pdf download for free or read online, also Peace Maker pdf was written by Michelle Diener.

Michelle Diener writes historical novels, science fiction and fantasy. From the Tudor courtyard to the streets of Regency London and magical landscapes, she is never happier than building worlds, sculpting memorable characters and devising compelling plots.

BookPeace Maker
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Peace Maker Book PDF download for free

Peace Maker Book PDF download for free

Fliss knows all about her ancestors, the travelers who were forced to land on the Fjern thousands of years ago, but when it comes to gyr, the enhanced warriors who protect people of Fjern from the monsters that inhabit the planet, she it is dark in the middle, although it is itself.

Obtaining the gyra, the nanotechnology that makes warriors into the super-protective ones they are, involves many arcane ceremonies and traditions, but Fliss doesn’t care, she just wants to dust off the little mining settlement they protect all their lives and leave behind. the combative relationship that she has with her father.

However, when the gyr who offered her a way out of her old life dies spectacularly, she draws the attention of a host of powerful people, both the gyr and the administrators of the institution she controls. Fliss is about to discover more about Gyr – and herself – than she ever dreamed.

Gyr leader Hannu Kardenian thought she was summoned to investigate the strange death of a fellow warrior, but what she finds instead is a woman who breaks every rule she has ever lived by. Everything about her sets her own gyra on fire, and when she catches the attention of Gyr Command, the body that ordains the gyr into existence, he’s determined to make sure she never falls into their clutches, even if he goes down it must be. the actual structure of Fjern itself.

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Peace Maker Book Pdf Download

Fliss differs from all other gyr by its origin. Since she did not start the gyra as an adult and had no weapons, her methods of removing/eliminating aggressive wildlife on Fjern are very different. She seems more like a superhero than a ruthless killer. I will say that her favorite technique is much more dangerous for them than others. What she shows is how to live in harmony with indigenous life. The title of this book is perfect as we learn more about Fliss. She is a peacemaker.

There are really so many things I liked about this book. Worldbuilding brings the annoying Garmen back into the spotlight. They seem to want to take, take and take, without payment or sacrifice. Second, I really love the nanotechnology in this story. If we had something like the gyra here, I probably would. I don’t trust our scientists, especially after this pandemic, so maybe I’d wait and see how the others hold up. Make no mistake, Gyr Command is all about controlling the lives of others. While I understand and appreciate Gyr Command’s fears from the beginning, it still doesn’t justify what they did to Gyr.

Third, the character development worked for me. I really liked Fliss. For me she is the central character that I liked and followed. All the other characters, including Han, were minor and less interesting. I can’t wait to see more of this vibrant world that Frau Diener has created. Your books create a feeling of euphoria. Her writing style reminds me of Anne McCaffrey during her golden years as a writer. These stories have a lot of science fiction and little romance, which is what makes them so good. I never get tired of the stories that Frau Diener creates. This fantasy is recommended to all Space Opera readers.

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The novel revolves around political tensions between the Fjerna, who want to control the warriors with nanotechnology, and the warriors themselves in the midst of other crises. Fliss is an outsider in the world of the gyr (the name for nanotech warriors) and she questions some of their customs and rules. Han, the leader of a unit of these gyr, is her ally when it comes to questioning the way the gyr are run, and together they try to uncover a missing colleague and possible corruption.

Romance usually takes a backseat in Ms. Diener’s stories, and there’s plenty of alien culture, engineering, and flora/fauna to keep things interesting. I had a problem with some of the explanations about the state of technology in Fjerna, but putting that aside, it’s a fast-paced story and a fantastical world with a very relatable and likeable hero and heroine and supporting cast. I look forward to more books set into this world.

In this installment of this series, those fleeing the Verdant String Alliance target a planet protected by Gyr. The Gyr have passed their nanotech to new generations for thousands of years to protect themselves from the natives, whom I can only describe as monstrous predators. These mighty warriors know that an anomaly means they can never be parents, but what if that was a lie and the woman who could be responsible for the death of one of the gyr wasn’t herself, a product of science, but rather was Gyr actually? born with technology in the blood?

Fliss is such a confused and rather innocent character that it’s all too easy to underscore her, though I’d hasten to add that she’s no fool. Han is instantly attracted to the woman he is investigating, but when she loses a host of secrets, the lies and betrayal are exposed!
This is such a unique series and it never ceases to amaze me where the author’s muse takes us. With a plethora of planets and habitats to explore, we truly embark on a journey through the cosmos. The romance here may not be as fleshed out and realistic as I prefer, but it was certainly an entertaining story.

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My only real problem is the lack of description when it comes to the gyr and their ability to transform, which left me frustrated trying to imagine what they looked like. This ends in a way that only lends itself to more adventuring, and I’m definitely on board for more setting in the Verdant String universe.

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