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Play With Me book pdf download for free or read online, also Play With Me pdf was written by Becka Mack.

BookPlay With Me
AuthorBecka Mack
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Play With Me Book PDF download for free

Play With Me Book PDF download for free

Play With Me is book #2 in the Playing For Keeps series, a series of interconnected standalone mature hockey romances filled with heat, swoon, laughter and an emotional roller coaster ride. Each book can be read separately, but reading in order is recommended for a better reading experience.

Play With Me Book Pdf Download

Becka Mack’s Play With Me is a hilarious, riveting, powerless sports romance between a hockey player and a ballerina. The only downside is… she’s his teammate’s and best friend’s little sister.

“I think so, but I like kissing you, so it’s no big deal as long as you’re okay with it. Unless you disagree with that. If you’re uncomfortable, then… I’ll stop.

Play With Me by Becka Mack is the second book in the standalone Playing For Keeps series. The story follows heroine Jennie Beckett, a contemporary dancer trying to find her place out of the shadow of her brother Carter Beckett, and hero Garrett Anderson, a star right-hander for the Vancouver Vipers, trying his best. to get your captain. little sister out of mind.

After receiving the big birthday present of a new apartment from her brother, Jennie moves into her new apartment; more specifically, a floor beneath a temptation bigger than Oreos. Garrett and Jennie soon learn that distancing yourself from your feelings is one thing, but when they’re really close, all the dirty thoughts, butterflies, and temptations become even more irresistible. How long will this boundary between friends and something else last?

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To clear away my first thoughts:


Anyway… he loved Jennie and Garrett. From the lyrics and weird situations to the tension and jokes, their story and friendship beyond the perks were things I really enjoyed. Jennie’s insecurities and the trust Garrett wanted to build between them made it hard not to fall in love with her right away. The nicknames were very appropriate and I think I laughed every time they used them. (I can attest that I definitely did.)

The Carter and Olivia cameos were just too good, AND I WANT TOO GOOD. I ate every moment of it. There are very few perfect books, and although there was some hesitation in the beginning and some modern references to some of Garrett’s actions. But don’t get me wrong, the exclusive snacks and Disney movie moments were adorable. Overall, this book was a fun and entertaining read!

Play With Me is book #2 in the Playing for Keeps series, and it’s packed with all the hockey, forbidden romance, and comedy goodness you read about in the first book. Play With Me follows Jennie Beckett (Consider Me’s MC’s sister) and Garrett Andersen, her brother’s best friend and teammate.

Jennie is a character you will fall in love with instantly. She has been wronged in the past and this has made her wary of who to trust in her present life. She struggles with the same issues many of us have, worrying if people will like you for who you really are, if they will treat you like others do, and wondering if the people in your life are are not for you but for something else. I think we can all see a part of ourselves in his character.

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Garrett Andersen… This guy is the biggest cinnamon roll I’ve ever read, but don’t let that put you off. Becka wasn’t joking when she said she had BDE. A true gentleman on the street but a freak in bed (sorry, sometimes I think I’m weird). But the most moving part of the story was that he saw Jennie, he saw what she needed without saying anything at all. He gave her confidence, gave her comfort, and gave her the freedom to overcome her own insecurities while offering her his endless support.

You know, when you look at two people and you think there’s no way they’re going to work together? It’s about Garrett and Jennie, and it’s dead wrong. These two were made for each other down to the smallest detail of their being. Both make themselves better, but they never force the other to change. And that’s really the kind of relationship we all deserve.

If you love humor, hockey romance, friends with benefits, forbidden romance, your brother’s best friend/teammate, and rain toys (when you know you know) then you can’t go wrong reading this.

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