Download Poison Roses [PDF] By Tate James And Jaymin Eve

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Poison Roses book pdf download for free or read online, also Poison Roses pdf was written by Tate James And Jaymin Eve.

BookPoison Roses
AuthorTate James And Jaymin Eve
Size659 KB

Poison Roses Book PDF download for free

Poison Roses Book PDF download for free

You know the saying: it can’t get any worse? They always can.

I thought I would hit rock bottom at sixteen. The day I broke my first love’s heart and ended things before he could ruin his rock star career.

But damn it, I was wrong.

From that moment it was getting worse and worse until now. Eight years later when I find myself homeless, jobless, covered in blood, and running from a ghost from my past.

Poison Roses Pdf Download

Angelo Ricci, the second boy I’ve ever loved, knows that I saw him shoot a man. He’s coming for me, he’s got men all over town looking for me, and when they find me, I’m almost dead.

But I won’t give up so easily. I will do whatever it takes to escape the wrath of the Ricci family, even if it means seeking refuge with the most unlikely and reluctant allies.

Bellerose are the most popular rock band in the world right now, in popularity and looks, and I’m lucky enough to stumble into their lap as I run for my life. Hiding out on his tour isn’t the best plan, but it’s the best plan I’ve got.

Except the only person the leader of Bellerose hates more than Angelo Ricci… could be me. Damn shame. Jace owes me. After all, I am Billie Bellerose.

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Poison Roses is book 1 of 4 in the Boys Of Bellerose series. This is a mafia/rock star reverse harem romance series with dark elements and gripping suspenseful moments throughout. The content is intended for an adult audience.

I want to start by saying that I was excited for this series even before I knew what it was about as it was our first collaboration with Jaymin and Tate RH! When the blurb came out, I was beyond excited to see how these two rock star and mob themes would be combined into one series. And now that I’ve finished the first book, I can confidently say that this series has a very good chance of becoming one of my favorites for 2023!

First things first, I rarely rate the first book in a series that highly, if only because their job is usually to set the scene and get us readers familiar with all the characters, and that’s usually not very exciting lol. Poison Roses offers all of that and more! I was captivated from the first chapter and didn’t put this book down until I got to the end where my heart broke for Billie and the past trauma she was now facing all over again!

The rockstar and mob components are certainly there, but I would say that since we started the story, this book has been more focused on the rockstar side of things. I can feel that the mob themes will become more prominent as we progress through the books, but for now I love the fear we get on both sides, as both are crucial to Billie’s past.

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One thing I really like about Billie as a character is that she is one of the most sensitive FMC’s I’ve ever read better. She cries a lot, but that’s because she’s so overwhelmed with emotion and guilt about her past with Jace and Angelo and I think it really helps to show the emotional depth of her history with them and how she herself has been so strongly influenced for 8 years later. .

The story also created a lot of anxiety among past lovers and people, this book had a lot of that! There was also a case of Instalust, which I don’t normally like, but in this case I do! Homegirl really needed someone by her side and it felt perfect for this character and when the time came, they did not disappoint!

I honestly love all men, even our resident jerk, and I have a feeling this is going to be one of those harems where I end up having trouble picking a favourite! I can’t wait for more male POV episodes because I need to know what’s on everyone’s minds after this ending, ESPECIALLY ANGELO!

I could go on and on about how much it takes all of you to read Poison Roses book, but I think I’ve made my point for now! We’ll be back on my regularly scheduled word break in this series next month once I’ve finished the second book!

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