Download Pretty Spiteful [PDF] By R.A. Smyth

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Pretty Spiteful book pdf download for free or read online, also Pretty Spiteful pdf was written by R.A. Smyth.

BookPretty Spiteful
AuthorR.A. Smyth
Size580 KB

Pretty Spiteful Book PDF download for free

Pretty Spiteful Book PDF download for free

They want our protection, but your safety comes at a price.

Emily Harrison. The girl I went to Pacific Prep with. My sister’s best friend. The best sex I’ve ever had.

I never expected to see her again after graduation, so I don’t know what to think when she shows up in my kitchen in the middle of the night.

Apparently a psychopath is after her and she needs my help. My family runs a private security company, but I can’t protect them from poachers.

And maybe I don’t want that either. His presence brings back old feelings that I don’t want to confront. It’s easier to blame them for the past than face the truth.

With we all living under the same roof, it’s only a matter of time before tensions reach a crescendo, and this time none of us will escape.

Welcome to Ridgeway, Em, where you must outlive more than your stalker.

This new series from R.A. Smyth is a spin-off of his popular Pacific Prep series. Although the characters overlap, reading the Pacific Prep series is not required. Keep in mind that the main female character will end up having multiple love interests. This is a gritty, contemporary, college, secret society, stalker romance with friend foe lovers and second chance romantic themes. See front of book for activation warnings and contents.

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Pretty Spiteful Pdf Download

The excitement and agony with Pretty Spiteful book!!!!

Ok, I went into this book with the expectation that I was a bit lost. I haven’t read Pacific Prep yet. Not because I don’t want it, but because I really want it. I haven’t gotten to it yet. Aside from not knowing the background of Hadley and his men, I felt Pretty Spiteful book was perfectly written and anything I didn’t know was explained! I mean, while I still think it’s a good idea to read Pacific Prep first…if you’re like me and just can’t wait, you’ll be plunged right into Emilia’s story!

We are immediately drawn into Emilia’s life. When you come home and there is a mysterious package on your doorstep, don’t think about it much! Only when he opens it and a human body part stares at him does he realize the depth of the situation. After being taken to her handsome neighbor, does she realize that one of her best friends has been taking care of her for so long?

Being around Hawk and Wilder again does something to Emilia. When she brings up the distant past, she winces with regret. And the look they give her only reinforces the hatred they now feel for her. Now in hiding from her stalker, Hawk, Wilder and Kai are tasked with making sure she stays safe until the threat is dealt with.

The longer she goes on this wild ride in hiding, the more Emilia realizes that she wasn’t alive. She survived only as a “passenger in her own life.” Check the boxes as your life moves on. Realizing this, his past only grows with more regrets.

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Bring up the unstable tension with the boys and Emilia is done. The tension, the agony and my oh my…did I mention that the tension between them is punctureable and unfinished?

Secrets are guarded and the past hidden. I need to know how the Kings’ conclave with Wilder will play out, and Kai’s story looks like it could be the deciding factor for both of them. When we reach the end that comes too soon, the line is drawn and Emilia finally realizes what matters most to her.

This book is EVERYTHING! I loved it and I need to know what will happen next! These characters are fire and I loved their backgrounds, even the fact that we don’t know everything about them! I’m really looking forward to the second volume and can’t wait!

Unaware that love could be reciprocated, Emilia built walls to protect her heart to avoid the feelings of devastation she experienced as a child, only to end up living a life without any emotions whatsoever. Just going through the movements one day at a time. Only now someone wants to hurt Emilia. She has a stalker who killed her boyfriend. Kai, her neighbor (ex-military), hears her screams while opening a bloody package.

He takes her and takes her to the only place and people who can protect her… Hawke and Wilder. Hawke and Wilder aren’t ready for her to return to their world, but they are willing to make her pay to say goodbye to the past. Things are tense and the sexual tension is high. Who breaks first? Will they be able to protect Emilia? Will they be able to advance? We’re beginning to see some relationships develop and heal, but the stalker is one step ahead. This ends on an epic cliffhanger and I can’t wait for Pretty Vile!

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