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Project Duchess book pdf download for free or read online, also Project Duchess pdf was written by Sabrina Jeffries.

BookProject Duchess
AuthorSabrina Jeffries
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Project Duchess Book PDF download for free

Project Duchess Book PDF download for free

A string of stepparents and a difficult childhood left Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt, with a secretive heart, enviable wealth and an undeserved reputation as a scoundrel. Grey’s focus on expanding his duchy leaves him little time to find a wife.

But when his mother is widowed again and he meets the charming and unconventional woman presiding over his stepfather’s funeral, he’s shocked to realize just how much they have in common. Despite this, Gray is not interested in love, no matter how pretty or delightfully outspoken the lady is. . .

Beatrice Wolfe gave up romance long ago, and the arrogant Duke of Greycourt, with his daring reputation, doesn’t exactly change his mind. Gray then agrees to help his grieving mother with her latest “project”: raising Beatrice, who is unfashionable and school spirit, for her debut. Now that Beatrice sees through Grey’s charms to her broken heart, she struggles to keep him at bay. But once Gray begins to delve into his family’s secrets, he must decide if his loyalty lies with his family. . . or with the man whose lessons really capture her heart. . .

Project Duchess Book Pdf Download

When Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, Vanessa, the Duke of Greycourt’s cousin, visits him, he learns two things: first, that his aunt still intends for him to marry Vanessa, much to his and Vanessa’s annoyance, and second, that his Mother is widowed again. At his mother’s request, he immediately leaves London and makes his way to Armitage Hall.

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Beatrice Wolfe is a cousin of Sheridan Wolfe, the new Duke of Armitage. She is in the drawing room helping with her uncle Maurice’s funeral arrangements when Gray arrives and immediately infuriates her. For his part, Gray is fascinated by Beatrice’s bluntness and would like to argue with her, but he needs to see his mother and get some answers from Sheridan. Beatrice and her brother Joshua live in the widow’s house.

Orphaned when Beatrice was just 10 years old, they were taken in by their grandparents shortly after Joshua enlisted and returned a few years ago, wounded and very changed. Beatrice had been trying to help her Aunt Lydia (Grey’s mother) and the Duchess decided Beatrice needed a season and Beatrice hopes to find a husband and finally some security in her life. She is surprised by his reaction to Grey, but is wary after hearing rumors of his rampant life and knows she must not faint over a man who is so far superior to her in that position.

His mother is really overcome with the grief and also very happy to see Grey. She wasn’t sure he would come, having ignored his family in the months since they returned to England from Prussia. His stepfather was ambassador to Prussia and only returned to London when his brother “Armie” died and inherited the duchy.

His mother was married three times and had five children, three of her sons are dukes: Grey, the Duke of Greycourt is the eldest, Marlowe is the Duke of Thornstock and Sheridan is now the Duke of Armitage, she also has a daughter Gwyn (the twin von Marlowe) and Heywood (Sheridan’s younger brother), with the exception of Heywood, who is in the military, are all at Armitage for the funeral.

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Gray is happy to see his siblings but is wary, he left Prussia when he was only ten to live with his aunt and uncle in England and the experience has changed him, he doesn’t want love, since she only caused them hurts him and as much as he wants to hug his family, his past is holding him back.

He soon learns that Sheridan doesn’t believe Maurice’s death was an accident and believes that Beatrice’s brother Joshua not only killed him, but possibly Armie as well. He wants Gray to deal with Joshua, but Gray argues that he’ll likely get more answers from Beatrice, especially since her mother is preparing her and Gwyn for a debut. Gray says he’ll get more information to help his mom prepare, girls he knows. with the London season.

I really enjoyed this story, yes there are many characters and yes there is a lot happening but it is very well done and even with the variety of characters it stays on point and Beatrice and Gray are definitely at the forefront of the story. I loved watching them fall in love and slowly get over the hurt of their past and learn to trust each other even when things weren’t what they seem.

The book is full of hilarious dialogue, mysteries, heartbreak, steamy love scenes, mysteries and a hard-earned HEA. The book builds up the series well, with references to the other brothers’ backstories as well as the enduring mystery of Maurice’s death. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next story!

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