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Promises In The Dark book pdf download for free or read online, also Promises In The Dark pdf was written by D.K. Hood.

BookPromises In The Dark
AuthorD.K. Hood
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Promises In The Dark Book PDF download for free

Promises In The Dark Book PDF download for free

The girl pushes herself against the backseat of the family sedan, struggling to free herself from the rough shackles that bind her hands and feet. As the car speeds outside, she looks back at her family’s house and watches in horror as she is suddenly engulfed in a mass of flames. Trembling with fear, she turns to the driver and hears only laughter. She knows that the worst is yet to come…

Detective Jenna Alton surveys the charred remains of the large suburban home, stopping at the three lifeless bodies of the Woods family. Jenna knows that she is looking for a serial killer, but her priority is to find the missing teenage daughter, whom she last saw in Night from Hell.

Days later, the body of Sophie Wood’s is discovered floating in a shallow pool of crystal clear water, known locally as the Dead Man’s Drop, but Jenna still doesn’t know that who would target the quiet family in such a very brutal attack.

She delves into the family’s past and makes a shocking discovery: a connection between the killer and someone related to her lieutenant, David Kane. If Jenna is right and the killer is back and out for revenge, she must act quickly to protect the lieutenant from her.

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When another girl is kidnapped, Jenna and David follow the lead to a network of underground caves on the outskirts of town. With little time before the killer calls for his next victim, they run into the dark tunnels, unsure if they’ve just fallen into the killer’s trap. Can they ever find the girl in the time and escape the caves without the killer chasing them?

If you love thrilling thrillers from Lisa Regan, Melinda Leigh, and Kendra Elliot, you’ll love this gripping new book from USA Today bestselling author D.K. Hood.

Promises In The Dark Book Pdf Download

Promises in the Dark is the tenth book in the Detectives Kane and Alton series, and this one has a slightly different vibe. As protagonists Kane and Alton, they stray from an unusually peaceful Black Rock Falls to help their friends and FBI agents Jo and Carter investigate a house explosion in Aspen Grove, Louan, and the disappearance of a young girl.

But when Carter shares evidence with the team linking the explosion to three others, a big problem arises when a team member’s past life is suddenly thrust back into the spotlight.

And what follows is a tight thrill ride. Kane and Alton face what may be the biggest case of their lives and a killer closer than they ever imagined. And honestly, I didn’t want to leave this story; and I was so happy that justice was done and that one of my favorite characters was finally getting answers and putting some mind at ease.

It’s been a quiet six months in Black Rock Falls, Sheriff Jenna Alton is trying to sort out construction plans and her deputies Dave Kane and Jake Rowley are making routine traffic stops! They all feel like it can’t last, but they know to be careful what they wish for, and when a family is killed in an explosion in the neighboring town of Louan, they know their time off is over.

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Called in by the Louan sheriff, FBI agents Jo Wells and Ty Carter don’t hesitate to add Jenna and Dave to their team along with local coroner Shane Wolfe. However, none of them are prepared to know how far their abuser will go to achieve his goals, or the personal connections some of them will have with the abuser. As crimes rise, everyone knows that if they want to prevent another family from being destroyed, time is of the essence.

This is number ten in the Kane and Alton series of books, and while I hadn’t noticed before, it’s the book where author D.K. Hood wrote it! So much is revealed here, and in such a way that it seriously strained the edge of my seat!

Without spoilers, if you are familiar with the lives of the main protagonists of this series, you must read this. Personally, I’d recommend starting with book one because while each can be read independently of the others, they become so much more so when read in the order the author intended. This could be the book that closes the series neatly and satisfyingly, but I really hope it isn’t.

Oh my life what an opening!!! Horrific doesn’t go far enough and this 10th thriller from Black Rock Falls doesn’t stop there!

Due to the location of this impressive opening, Promises In The Dark highlights the partnership of Jo Wells and Ty Carter, the FBI agents I have come to know in the later books. Only this time, it looks like Carter is trying to prove something to my favorite sheriff’s department version of him. Fortunately, Jenna has none of that!

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As the story progresses, the madman causing all the trouble gets crazier and the Black Rock Falls team is desperate for results. Desperate to prevent more deaths. But they run into him when they meet the locals of Louan, who have a rather old-fashioned outlook on life. I am so thankful that it is they and not me who are dealing with these outdated beliefs.

“It’s the psychopaths who think this part of the world is a playground for killers.”

I love the way the author acknowledges the incredible murder rates of Black Rock Falls through her characters. Hood did it multiple times on the show and it always makes me smile to read the jokes in such dark and twisted stories.

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