Download Promises We Meant To Keep [PDF] By Monica Murphy

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Promises We Meant To Keep book pdf download for free or read online, also Promises We Meant To Keep pdf was written by Monica Murphy.

BookPromises We Meant To Keep
AuthorMonica Murphy
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Promises We Meant To Keep Book PDF download for free

Promises We Meant To Keep Book PDF download for free

New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy returns to the glittering world of Lancaster and tells the story of a damaged woman who gets a chance to redeem herself with the only man who will love her forever…
Spencer Donato.

My brother’s best friend.

My dirty little secret.

We fell in love at Lancaster Prep. sneaking around. Don’t want anyone to know. He was my first love, my protector, my knight in shining armor. We were made for each other and I truly believed that he was mine forever.

But then I did the unthinkable and betrayed him in the worst possible way. I thought I lost him forever…

Until I saw him at my brother’s wedding. Now he’s older. Crueler. Unbearably beautiful. We’re still attracted to each other, but will Spencer be there for me when I need her most? Or have I ruined us once again?

Promises We Meant To Keep Book Pdf Download

Sylvie Lancaster’s life was anything but normal, always under the control of her mother, who was expected to act a certain way and move on with her life… even if she despised every minute of it. She never had the opportunity to live her life on her own terms, every time she found a few moments of freedom her mother would find her and take her back. In those moments of stolen freedom, he found love with his brother’s best friend, Spencer. Donato. They meant everything to each other, but they had to keep their relationship a secret because in her mother’s eyes it was forbidden. It was the perfect secret… until it wasn’t anymore!

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This heartbreaking love story will steal every ounce of your attention from the opening sentences, it’s impossible to stop reading! Her beautifully written words paint a picture of a tumultuous life led by a heroine who never had a chance to live her life freely. It was always dictated to her, expectations had to be met and an image cultivated. As the story progresses, you can see her move away from those who control her and get a little closer to the life she wants, dreamed of and only chooses. It’s a moving story of personal growth, chasing dreams and regaining lost love.

I loved what I found between the pages here, its absolutely captivating and moving words and its unforgettable characters… it was the perfect afternoon to get away from it all!! Highly recommended!!

Promises We Meant To Keep by Monica Murphy. Sylvie had to deal with a suffocating mother and a sick childhood. Sylvie had a problem with her past and whether what she thought was true. Things change when Spencer, her older brother’s best friend, comes into her life. Both have something special in common. This story was different. Spencer and Sylvie experienced things without taking them too far.

They come from different worlds, but at school they are just two teenagers. Sylvie has a slew of issues that have caused those close to her to question her honesty. Spencer has always had feelings for her, but her life takes a strange turn when she commits the latest betrayal. Boy, Sylvie’s mom was a real ride. Sylvie’s life and struggle was a real page turner. The ending was definitely something different. I sure didn’t see it coming. A very good story. With all that is said and done, can Spencer and Sylvie find their happy endings? 4 stars for me.

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Monica Murphy’s Promises We Meant To Keep was a beautiful and emotional story with characters who just don’t let their past dictate their present or future. A first love, second chance and brother’s best friend romance that I was looking forward to and this story did not disappoint. A non-stop adrenaline rush full of ups, downs, twists and turns from start to finish that held my desperate romantic heart hostage as I read this story.

The story of Sylvie Lancaster and Spencer Donato is an epic, modern, tragic and passionate love story that will captivate you from the first page to the end. Monica Murphy has once again gifted us with another stunning romantic story that will sink deep into your heart and stay there long after you’ve finished reading it.

His story is not easy. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Sylvie had to deal with so many traumatic experiences from a young age. Leaves her broken and scarred. Which helps explain his actions and personality. But from the moment he meets Spencer, these two form a timeless bond. He is her first love, her protector, but will she be forever?

Spencer kept getting hurt by Sylvie. But he cannot forget their deep bond. Their hot and steamy chemistry leaps off the page and into your heart. Spencer is so perfect for Sylvie. I loved her protective nature and her loyalty to her and her brother.

Monica Murphy continues to up her game and rocked my world with her story. You should not miss this!!! I LOVED!!

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