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Put Me in Detention book pdf download for free or read online, also Put Me in Detention pdf was written by Meghan Quinn.

USA Today bestselling author, wife, adoptive mother and the peanut butter lover. As a writer of romantic comedy and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn offers readers the perfect blend of heart, humor and warmth in every book.

BookPut Me in Detention
AuthorMeghan Quinn
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Put Me in Detention Book PDF download for free

Put Me in Detention Book PDF download for free

From the USA Today bestselling author of A NOT SO MEET CUTE comes a new romantic comedy about two enemies who accidentally get married in Las Vegas. He wants to stay together, but she wants nothing to do with them. Sparks fly and the pages light up. Hot and hilarious.

Put Me in Detention Book Pdf Download

Meghan Quinn’s Put Me In Detention is Book 3 about teachers you’d never find in my high school, but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone book. I’m always pleased with Meghan’s funny stories about the character of her shooting the breeze and giving us those damn good scenes

At a barbecue in the previous book, Cora notices Pike, a history teacher at the school where her brother and her friends teach. One of the first things she says after examining him from head to toe is, “Put me in detention.” Now, as Cora and her friends celebrate their divorce in Las Vegas, Pike is there too. After a wild night of drinking and repeating what happens in Vegas, he stays in Vegas, Cora and Pike are arrested.

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Instead of getting an annulment, Pike wants 3 months with Cora to make the marriage work. Yes, he has feelings for her since the barbecue, but he also has an enigmatic movie behind this 3-month plan. Mystery aside, the two meet, but not after much coaxing from Pike AND a few lame jokes that made this reader laugh out loud. He adds a bit of forced closeness and damn, he’s hooked.

Pike is thoughtful, generous, caring, and sees Cora beyond what she sees in herself. He protects them, defends them and takes care of them like nobody else. It’s just that the perpetual lie was annoying, especially when Pike was pushing for absolute honesty and vulnerability in his marriage. In a way, Cora is each one of us who has ever been hurt by someone and is reluctant to take another leap of faith.

Overall, I enjoyed the racy scenes, the laughs, and the author’s friendship between these quirky characters. I adore this group as if it were my own circle of friends.

Meghan Quinn totally killed me and brought all of her feelings with her with Put Me In Detention! I couldn’t stop reading this super sexy, hilarious, heartfelt, emotional, swoon-worthy rom-com. A mix of playful tropes, Put Me In Detention is Meghan Quinn at her best. Part of the accidental marriage/marriage of (in)convenience/forced closeness/enemies with lovers, it came together fantastically in another one of Meghan Quinn’s outrageously hilarious rom-coms.

Ever since I read his appearance in the last book, I have been fascinated by the mysterious Pike Greyson. The bit of chemistry we had between him and Cora had me waiting on the edge of my seat for his story, and it exceeded all of my expectations.

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I loved everything about this story and my heart was definitely invested. The characters were EVERYTHING and I fell madly in love with Pike and Cora and his love story. Pike is all kinds of tasty. Sweet, selfless, sexy, and a bit possessive, he definitely stole my heart. And Cora, in turn, was feisty, funny, a little lost, and a mess. I had a lot to discover and grow her character in her journey.

While this story obviously largely revolved around Pike and Cora, special mention should be made of Keiko’s subplot and her unlikely but super cute friendship with Pike. Probably my favorite part of this book!

Everything about this romantic comedy made me so happy and I honestly couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Meghan Quinn went all out and gave the plot some surprising twists and I couldn’t have loved Cora and Pike’s story more. The way he combines humor with genuine emotion is one of the reasons I find his writing so addictive.

Put Me In Detention had everything it needed in a romantic comedy; Chemistry, humor, steam, depth and emotion, but also the ultimate happy ending that really brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t put this book down and sometimes laughed out loud when the jokes and bickering became too much to hold on to. It completely sucked me into a whirlwind of romance that was sorely needed this time of year.

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