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Queen Of Hearts book pdf download for free or read online, also Queen Of Hearts pdf was written by Whitney Dineen.

BookQueen Of Hearts
AuthorWhitney Dineen
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Queen Of Hearts Book PDF download for free

Queen Of Hearts Book PDF download for free

Queen Charlotte of Malquar has talent. She has already helped two of her children find a partner and now she is convinced that her daughter’s new secretary would be the perfect match for her remaining single son.

Agnes Dupuis has a plan. She will work for the royal family for a few years before opening her own luxury employment agency. When she begins her work with Princess Aubrey, she knows that everything is on the right track. Before long, she is placed on the Crown Prince’s staff and she couldn’t be more ecstatic.

At thirty-five, Prince Andrew knows that it is time to find a bride. Unfortunately, it is an almost impossible task. While he would love to marry for love, it doesn’t seem like that’s not an option. His future wife will be queen one day and she must have all the necessary skills to succeed in this role.

Sparks fly when Agnes and Drew start working together. Drew fights as hard as he can against his attraction to his new secretary. Meanwhile, Agnes really doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong. She looks like she can’t do anything to make the prince happy.

Will Queen Charlotte be in charge of another match? Or are Agnes and Drew destined to collide forever?

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Queen Of Hearts Book Pdf Download

Andrew is the crown prince of a fictional country and as such sets high standards for the women he dates and no one has ever been good enough more than three times so far. He is suspicious of the press and believes that if he marries an aristocrat, he is more likely to find a suitable queen who understands the pressures. His new secretary, Agnes, is an attractive woman whom he sees as off limits, and he acts like an idiot boss in the hope that she will quit.

When this scheme doesn’t work, the press gets a lewd photo of the two of them and rumors begin. Agnes hides from the paparazzi at the palace, and Andrew dates another woman to dissuade her from Agnes’s scent. That third is an obvious disaster from the start and Drew should have known about it, so it doesn’t bode well for his strategic ability.

The feature that distinguishes this series from others is the inclusion of chapters on the meddling parents of the main couple. The queen has interfered many times before and this time she brought Agnes’s mother and a friend who were unhappy with their own husbands. They mean well and serve to manipulate situations to get Agnes and Andrew together, but I think their chapters detract from the main romance.

I liked the overall writing style and it entertained me enough to read it in one sitting, but I didn’t like the hero all that much. At first he is a jerk to her on purpose and then he is a jerk to her for being a clueless snob. I thought he needed bigger, more submissive gestures and Jones might have turned out to be a better prospect.

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Prince Andrew of the Kingdom of Malaquar is heir to his kingdom and feels that he must live up to all these expectations which means he does not have to make a fuss and fall in love with his secretary Agnes since his father the king does not marry anyone. . from a good family he has the world of his, in other words, a total bore and a big check snob, he’s tried but he can’t get past the third date.

And Andrew’s secretary is toying with his iron will, he has to get her to quit even if he has to become the worst boss ever. Agnes just has to put up with the real pain in her butt some more and then she can quit and start her own business and be done with it, remembering that when she was young she had a huge crush on her pompous boss.

Everything is going perfect until a bad comment about her clothes, then the whole head incident leading up to the bathroom incident and now she’s practically a prisoner in the royal palace just because her pompous boss is trying to cover up the scandal surrounding her relationship with her goes into his obnoxious rude fake royal girlfriend and has his eye on becoming her princess.

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