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Rapture book pdf download for free or read online, also Rapture pdf was written by C.R. Jane And Mila Young.

I am a wife, mother, businesswoman, and now the best-selling author of the Fated Wings series and the Timeless Affection series…with many more to come.

Best-selling author Mila Young approaches it all with the enthusiasm and fearlessness of the fairy tale heroes she grew up with.

AuthorC.R. Jane And Mila Young
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Rapture Book PDF download for free

Rapture Book PDF download for free

Rapture is a standalone reverse harem novel that can be read independently of the rest of the shared world. Rapture is a dark, inverted harem that reimagines Peter Pan with morally gray love interests and paranormal vibes. This is a completely standalone set in the shared world of MC Syndicates and is intended for an adult audience.

MC Syndicates is a shared universe created by several USA Today and international bestselling authors, featuring a cast of paranormal species, fierce dominant males, and strong heroines. All of these stories are set in the same world and can be read in any order.

Rapture Book Pdf Download

This book was truly an amazing reimagining of Peter Pan in a sexy and incredibly fantastical new world.

Gwendolyn lost everything she loved at a young age and was saved from incredible pain by a foster father who loved her as his own, but good things don’t last for Gwen and when he died unexpectedly she became jealous. He left the mother. foster mother and her two very evil daughters.

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Just as Gwen was beginning to find some small moments of happiness for herself, fate intervened and took her away from her love and launched her into Pan’s world, with the lost boys and Hook!

If she is looking for a new book to dig into, I highly recommend this book! She’s sexy, Pan is king and has her own MC, Gwen is an omega who plans to change her ways and become more than just someone’s supposed toy, she’s taking back control of her life… and heaven help her! everyone who gets in his way!

This book brought me out of my last literary crisis and will completely captivate you! Come fly with Pan! You will be so happy you did!

Rapture: The Devil’s Gate MC by C.R. Jane and Mila Young is a dark and sizzling reverse harem MC romance loosely inspired by the Peter Pan fairy tale. This five-star novel is part of a shared universe, but can also be read solo.

Gwendolyn had a colorful childhood with two loving parents until tragedy strikes and she is orphaned after an attack on her village. She was rescued from a nearby pack of shapeshifters by a kind-hearted Beta named Caleb, who takes her home and makes her a part of his family. Caleb treated Gwen as one of his own and she found her happiness again until the unexpected death of her adoptive father.

She was left in the care of Caleb’s cold and ruthless wife, Sussana, and her two daughters, Diedra and Persephone. Gwen is shunned and forced to live in the servants’ quarters, and the dynamic with the evil stepmother and the two mischievous stepsisters is definitely Cinderella-esque. Sussana remarries the Alpha of the pack and offers Gwen as an offering to the Vampire King Pan, who comes every 10 years to drain and kill someone in the inner city named Rapture.

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Even Gwen’s new bond with Atlas, the Alpha’s son, doesn’t save her from her fate. Pan arrives and leaves them in the middle of the city. Instead of leaving his corpse behind, he takes his body away because she fascinates him.

Pan is a ruthless savage known as Death. Every creature fears his wrath. For some reason, he is forced to take Gwendolyn home after her sacrifice and turn her into a vampire. He doesn’t understand her feelings and disagrees about what makes her so special. Gwen’s world has been taken from her once again and she experiences hatred, desire and lust for Pan.

Readers will surely dislike her as much as Gwen does. Pan has a psychotic identical evil twin brother named Crocodile. There’s a scene where Croc convincingly pretends to be Pan and my jaw drops in surprise! Pan must protect Gwen from Croc’s cruel mind games, leading him to further question her feelings.

Gwen forms a romantic bond with the sweet and gentle doctor Luke from Darkland. How can she feel so much desire for more than one man? To further complicate matters, Atlas enters the Darkland to rescue Gwen, and now they have more men vying for her attention. Gwen’s warmth sets in and the men must put aside their differences to ease her pain and anguish. We really see Pan softening up towards Gwen in these scenes. Suddenly, Gwen is kidnapped from the palace and held captive by Captain Hook Silver.

Overall this book was amazing. It was captivating and exciting. I wish there were more scenes with Luke, but I understand the book was limited in time. I loved that Pan, Atlas, and Luke put their egos aside so they could keep Gwen for a happy ending. I don’t think the authors have plans to write a second book for Gwen and her husband, but I’d love to read more.

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