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Reborn book pdf download for free or read online, also Reborn pdf was written by D.I. Freed.

Hello readers! I am author D.I. Freed. Thanks for looking at my books. I am a computer and game fanatic who has loved epic fantasy and science fiction books since I learned to read. I also loved playing video games and that’s what got me into the LitRPG genre. So I decided to give writing a try. I hope you like my books. I wish you the best. Stay safe and healthy!

AuthorD.I. Freed
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Reborn Book PDF download for free

Reborn Book PDF download for free


This is the word that defined Yu since childhood. Her god mark is corrupted and thus she is a cultivator without cultivation. Frail and sick, Yu is the only descendant of her powerful lineage of warriors who lives without power or aim. She is a disgrace to her family’s honor, a disgrace to her respected clan.

Hiding, Yu lives with the constant disdain and mockery of her classmates. She is bullied, beaten and bloodied. But she is never broken.

She dreams of one day proving that she is worthy.

Defying her father’s wishes, Yu trains with his twin Jian swords, using her immaculate memory to perfect her complex forms. Working in secret, she develops her fighting skills to a level unmatched for her young age. But her abilities mean little without cultivation.

Until she is given a chance, a chance to be again reborn.

Reborn Book Pdf Download

This is my first book by this author and it knocked it out of the park.

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I don’t pretend to know much about wuxia and xiansia, but I do enjoy reading the books. Here we have Yu, the first daughter of head of a clan far from center of the kingdom. On her name day, she is attacked by spirit beasts and is not growing as she should.

She ends up with no qi, mana or aura and she is a mortal compared to cultivators. Young members of the clan attack her when they can, knocking her down and causing her injuries.

Yu keeps learning how to use jian and kung fu from her, and she practices more than cultivators because she has no other choice.

Then comes the fateful day when she gets caught by a boy from another clan who holds her with other boys while she beats her black and blue. An animal spirit appears and she crawls to protect it from the children who attack it.

I will end the summary there. This is a long book with several different stories centered around Yu. All the characters are well drawn and it was easy for me to immerse myself in this new world and immerse myself in the story.

The editing is fine. There are a number of bugs, but not enough to get me out of the story. The stat sheets are frequent enough to keep track of Yu’s progress as she grows and learns.

A very well written farming LitRPG that has all the standard world mechanics and character tropes you could expect. A chosen OP hero with a background of suffering, arrogant and evil enemies, wise and strict teachers, cults and politics, assassins, beast cores, etc.

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There are no real surprises in this story, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fabulous story worth reading and I look forward to the next book. Heroine was enjoyable, her journey into OP skills wasn’t too rushed, the politics engaging and well explained, and her cultivation interesting, with just the right amount of system information to inform but not overwhelm.

Well done by the author, with a word of caution not to repeat the trope of the heroine being harassed too much in the next book, as she seems to be setting things up for that again. Her reactions to the protagonist were too black and white: either the bad people want to humiliate her and kill her, or the good people will support her and shower her with respect and gifts.

Remember to give her a variety of answers ideally: some good people shouldn’t care much about her or may not like her (but don’t hate her), some bad or corrupt people should be uninterested in her since they like her. focus on your own life. or would he rather woo her favor than attack them. Too much black and white is too much Mary Sue territory.

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