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Reclaiming Lola book pdf download for free or read online, also Reclaiming Lola pdf was written by Kylie Kent.

BookReclaiming Lola
AuthorKylie Kent
Size1.4 MB

Reclaiming Lola Book PDF download for free

Reclaiming Lola Book PDF download for free


They want me to be them Lola.

Although I’m not. I haven’t been that girl in ten years.

My childhood was stolen.

And the monsters that kidnapped me make the devil look like a saint.

I was nothing but a slave trapped in a nightmare with no way out.

They say I’m free now, I’m safe here. Safe with my family.

However, my thoughts are still there.

Trapped in the dark and damp cell.

He says he’s here to help me heal my subconscious. Be Lola again.

But men are all the same.

No matter how friendly his smile, I know it’s only a matter of time before Dr. James gets what he really wants.

What everyone wants. My body.

dr James

she is a patient

A mafia princess.

Someone I get paid a lot of money for.

His trauma is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered.

Their mind is a tangled jungle made up only of the monsters that haunt them.

It was enough to look at the girl to know that I would do everything in my power to restore the life that was stolen from her.

To show him that at the end of his storm there is a rainbow.

And it took me a week to know that I could break myself if I fix it.

Cross the line a doctor must never cross.

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When she looks at me with those broken doe eyes, I have a hard time not wrapping my arms around her and letting go of her.

This is a standalone romance book within the Valentino Empire books series. You can really enjoy it without having read the previous books.

Reclaiming Lola Pdf Download

Kylie Kent gave us an idea of ​​what could happen if you find yourself in this situation. You have handled a very sensitive subject very carefully.
Have a handkerchief ready. Settle into your comfortable armchair with your favorite drink, because you won’t want to put this book down until the last page.

Please read the Activation Warnings before beginning this book. Your sanity is important to this author.

We get to know Lola throughout the Valentino series as the lost sister and the whole family mourn. Little did they know that she was being held captive and mistreated in New York.
In “Brutal Princess” we learn that when Izzy is taken away, she is put in a cage with Lola.
Through Lola’s sacrifice and by putting Izzy’s safety above his own, he seeks out his brother to help him rescue Izzy. Without thinking that they too would want to save her.

This is where Lola’s story begins
It’s difficult to go back to being the person I was before as I was a 9 year old girl now a young adult having to relearn everything. She overcomes the tragedies of being sexually abused for over a decade and makes her believe she’s worthless.
With the help of Doctor James, he learns to trust.

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Okay, so Reclaiming Lola book right here is different. Talk about giving an emotional punch straight to the gut. I knew reading this book would get my heart pumping but nothing and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for what Lola had really been through and then going through it and trying to go through it with her while I read. I’m a complete and utter mess.

Lola is the very definition of a warrior and true strength, after all she had been through she was still able to live for herself and her family and open her heart to love. Although she’s not the same girl, everyone knew she made the version of herself she’s happy with and everyone loves her for it. James was fantastic and who doesn’t love Neo a little bit more after this book. Such a fantastic series.

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