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Red White And Royal Blue book pdf download for free or read online, also Red White And Royal Blue pdf was written by Casey McQuiston.

Casey McQuiston is an American novelist in the new genre of adult fiction, best known for her New York Times Red, White & Royal Blue best-selling debut novel about the son of England’s first president of the United States who falls in love with a prince and the second book One Last stop. McQuiston made her debut in the young adult fiction genre with her book I Kissed Shara Wheeler, published on May 3, 2022.

McQuiston was born on January 21, 1991, and grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

They attended the Louisiana State University and received degree in journalism. Before publishing her first book, McQuiston was a waitress, freelancer, and worked extensively in magazine publishing.

McQuiston is weird. They are not binary and use pronouns. McQuiston has expressed that they write romantic comedies about queer people because they grew up in a conservative evangelical Christian school and want to write books that would have made them feel less isolated as queer teenagers.

Additionally, McQuiston is open about having ADHD and how it affects her writing. They describe her writing process as “driven” and often write scenes in a non-linear fashion. After losing her father in 2014 and struggling with mental health issues in 2015, McQuiston turned to writing to help cope.

McQuiston previously lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, but currently resides in New York City, New York with his poodle mix, Pepper.

McQuiston in present is represented by Sara Megibow at KT Literary. They also received the 2020 Alex Awards for their debut book Red White and Royal Blue.

Red White and Royal Blue is a contemporary queer romance that follows Alex Claremont-Diaz, a fictional firstborn son of the US, as he develops romantic feelings for Henry, an English prince, after an altercation forces her to pretend a friendship. control and public relations purposes.

McQuiston came up with the idea for what to do with red, white and royal blue in early 2016 while watching the 2016 US presidential election. While watching a season of HBO’s comedy series Veep and reading a biography of Hillary Clinton by Carl Bernstein, A WOMAN IN CHARGE: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, McQuiston was intrigued by the royals’ extravagant, high-profile lifestyle and he wanted to write his own version of a story about a royal family. Some additional inspirations behind Red, White & Royal Blue are Matt Bai’s All the Truth is Out and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

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Describing Red White and Royal Blue as a queer romantic comedy, McQuiston says that they write queer fiction “for the same reason straight people write straight fiction,” meaning they draw from their own experiences. For the protagonist Alex to realize that he is bisexual, they were inspired by his own experiences. The fictional character of US President Ellen Claremont in the novel was inspired by US politician Wendy Davis, whose 2013 filibuster McQuiston watched and was moved by.

BookRed White And Royal Blue
AuthorCasey McQuiston
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Red White And Royal Blue Book PDF download for free

Red White And Royal Blue Book PDF download for free

When his mother became president, Alex Claremont-Diaz was quickly cast as the American equivalent of a young king. Handsome, brilliant, charismatic – his image is pure millennial marketing gold for White House. There’s just one problem: Alex has a fight with the real Prince Henry across the pond. And when the tabloids get their hands on a photo of an altercation between Alex and Henry, relations between the United States and the United Kingdom sour.

Heads of families, heads of state and other henchmen devise a damage control plan: strike a truce between the two rivals. What starts out as a fake, Instagrammable friendship turns deeper and more dangerous than either Alex or Henry ever imagined.

Alex is soon drawn into a secret romance with a surprisingly awkward Henry that could derail the campaign and turn two nations upside down, begging the question: Can love save the world? Where do we find the courage and strength to be the people we are meant to be? And how can we learn to let shine our true colors? Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston proves that the true love isn’t always diplomatic.

Red White And Royal Blue Book Pdf Download

This is a touching and funny love story between the son of the president of the United States and the prince of England. Escapist fiction at its finest and told from Alex’s perspective.

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Alex: Biracial (half white, half Mexican) and son of the President of the United States; bisexual; he wants to be in politics for the rest of his life; so busy with his mother’s campaign that he has little time for anything else and doesn’t have many friends;
Henry: Prince of England; openly gay except for all of his closest friends and family;
June: Alex’s sister;
Nora: MIT expert and statistics genius; Daughter of the Vice President;
Bea: Henry’s very supportive sister;

This romance begins with our popular love and hate that seems to be in a lot of books lately. Henry’s brother Philip is getting married and Alex is going to accompany his mother and her cabinet to the wedding. During the reception, an argument between Henry and Alex ends horribly, leading to the destruction of a $10,000 wedding cake. This incident requires Henry and Alex to be seen together in public on many occasions to inspire confidence in the stability of diplomatic relations between the United States and England.

I love the hate-love trope (when done right) and I think overall it fit our story quite well as it helped create a natural conflict that led to us spending a lot of time together. I love seeing their friendship progress and bringing them closer to love.

Do not confuse this book with hearts and love letters. Before falling in love, they were two friends who “pleased” each other. Early instances of their relationship were met with grim descriptions that had little to do with love itself. As someone who reads these books looking for all the murky details, I was shocked to see such stark, grim descriptions in such carnal detail.

I couldn’t fault it too much, though, because it also brings an element of realism that you don’t often get in a modern romance. That angle also ensured that the dreaded Instalove trope was kept away, which played no part in this slow ascent to love. Love was never just a finished thing with this book. As their relationship built over time, the depth of their love increased.

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Alex was also bridging the gap in her sexual self-discovery and he wasn’t 100% sure of her sexuality, but he knew what it was. A love where you can find your true self is so rare and precious, and I loved seeing Alex become the person he was meant to be.

The supporting characters were amazing and since the president of the US (who was a woman and Alex’s mother) had everything to lose in her re-election campaign in the face of a possible sex scandal, she always stopped to talk to Alex to see how He did. First she was his mother and then a president. He loved her so much and knew what it would cost him to keep her, but she did it anyway. This is such a lofty ideal that so many kids in the LGBTQ+ community don’t always have the benefit of having a support system and I loved how her mom emulated what parents should do for her kids.

Along with a cast of very likeable and heartwarming characters, you get a mix of comedy. There is an incident involving domesticated turkeys at the beginning that made me laugh out loud. I won’t say more because seriously, you have to read this.

This book had so many levels. It wasn’t just two children who learned to love each other; They were two children learning to love themselves in a critical world. And since both Alex and Henry are very public figures, it was also about the rest of the world learning to love them, too.

Overall, I only had one small problem with this book. There was a part at the beginning of the book when they were just beginning to “get to know each other” where Alex threatened to put Henry on a no-fly list if Henry didn’t go to Alex’s room so he could do “very bad things”. to the. To me, this was an abuse of power for personal gain, and that is “never” okay in the context in which it was used. I felt like it hit a nerve that didn’t sit well with me.

Despite my one problem with this book, I enjoyed reading the rest. It made me feel so many things and it was so moving and beautiful.

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