Download Resisting Maxu [PDF] By Victoria Aveline

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Resisting Maxu book pdf download for free or read online, also Resisting Maxu pdf was written by Victoria Aveline.

BookResisting Maxu
AuthorVictoria Aveline
Size1 MB

Resisting Maxu Book PDF download for free

Resisting Maxu Book PDF download for free

Being kidnapped by aliens and taken to another planet isn’t always a bad thing…

Meg is not like the other alien abduction survivors. She doesn’t miss much from her past life, least of all her lethargic husband. His Clecanian rescuers gave him a fresh start and he plans to enjoy it. Being recognized as a couple is not on their agenda. Too bad a moody, possessive and very sexy alien has other plans for her…

Maxu never expected to find his fated mate. But he recognized Meg at first sight. Unfortunately, she’s not as happy with the match as he is. She is protected in a way he doesn’t quite understand, pushing him away at every turn.

Meg can run, but soon realizes that she has nowhere to hide, not from a hunter like Maxu. But that doesn’t mean he gives up easily. If he wants a happy life with her, he has to fight for it.

It’s a good thing he’s not above playing dirty.

Resisting Maxu Book Pdf Download

This book was absolutely phenomenal. The new places visited in this book were described so well that I could fully imagine them. Each one was unique and surprising.
Maxu and Meg really brought the book home with all their heartbreak and undeniable love. This kind of love could destroy and rebuild worlds!

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As things unfold in this book, I’m really looking forward to seeing where it will take us. As always, I look forward to the next book.

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