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Rogue Book pdf download for free or read online, also Rogue pdf was written by Greer Rivers.

AuthorGreer Rivers
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Rogue Book PDF download for free

Rogue Book PDF download for free

What happens when you combine a diamond queen, a red camellia, an ace of hearts, a wild card, a crazy ex-boyfriend, and a forced marriage? Well your answer is the incredible book ‘Rouge’. Inspired by tragic works involving a mafia and a forced marriage, this secret society romance will make it impossible to leave.

In Rogue book we follow Kian, an Irishman known for playing his damn decks of cards inside and outside of poker, and Lacey, the precious daughter of the Guardian and society, Keep. A feud between these two families was present from the moment Lacey’s father pulled out of a prenup that Lacey would marry Kian, but Kian’s obsession doesn’t end there. Years later, now more obsessed with her and with a green light to make her move, she decides not to kill her and instead marries her after a wild night during their bachelorette party and a sensual dance.

Rogue Pdf Download

The secrets and lies will come out as both Kian and Lacey work together to discover everything. What starts when I hate it soon becomes more as they fight together to destroy Monroe’s (her ex’s) plans to gain power and how women are viewed in their society. Watch as a queen and her ace emerge from the flames with a wild card ready to wreak havoc in Las Vegas.

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Check the TW as there are some that can be annoying and heavy. And when you do, prepare yourself for a very satisfying ending and full of flavor.

I was obsessed with the Moulin Rouge movie when it came out, so I was excited to discover that Rouge was a new version but with a mafia romance! This book was so good. The drama, the mafia intrigue, the spice. All very well, and if you LOVE the tragically heartbreaking romances (but with a HEA!) you will love this book.

Kian and Lacey, children from two different families involved in a very powerful mafia corporation named Garde. They promised each other in an arranged marriage, but Lacey’s father broke the commitment and committed her to the heir of another gardener family. However, Kian is still remotely obsessed with Lacey. The night before her own wedding, Lacey goes to her bachelorette party at a Las Vegas burlesque club and also dances onstage with a masked Kian. He ends up stealing it and marrying her, but they can’t tell anyone. Lacey ends up dating his former fiancé (who doesn’t know he’s married), and things go downhill from there.

There are many sorts of funny references to the Moulin Rouge in the book I really loved. It was a lot of fun recalling some of the scenes from the film reflected here!

Even though Rouge has an arranged/marriage plot for convenience, there’s a lot of chemistry between Kian and Lacey from the start. Although Kian falls in love with Lacey pretty quickly, I love that they know each other from afar when she’s locked in through her text messages. And you, the spice in this book is hot.

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Aside from Moulin Rouge, this book had serious vibes of Romeo and Julieta/Orpheus and Eurídice, definitely a little tragic love. If you love fear, men doing things to get to the woman they love, and the “don’t touch my wife” tropo arghhh, you need to read this book!

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