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Ruins Of Temptation book pdf download for free or read online, also Ruins Of Temptation pdf was written by C. Hallman And J.L. Beck.

C. Hallman is a USA Today bestselling author who wrote her first novel in 2018. Born and raised in Germany, Cassandra moved to the United States when she was 18 years old. She is the mother of three children and is happily married.

JL Beck loves words. She is a USA Today and also international bestselling author. She published her first romance novel in the year 2014 and has been writing ever since.

BookRuins Of Temptation
AuthorC. Hallman And J.L. Beck
Size1.4 MB

Ruins Of Temptation Book PDF download for free

Ruins Of Temptation Book PDF download for free

I’ve spent years trying to be someone I’m not.
Controlled and humanized.
Yet the darkness lurks within me, waiting for a chance to break free.
As head of Corium University, I must maintain professionalism and control.
I can do that until the day I find out I have a daughter and all the carefully constructed walls I’ve built around myself start to crumble.
I know I need a plug, a way to turn it off, and then it lands in my lap.
I want to punish them, humiliate them and hurt them in the best way.
It’s just a game of cat and mouse until I discover the secrets it hides…

Ruins Of Temptation Book Pdf Download

Book 4, Ruins of Temptation, is the story of Luke and Delilah. It focuses on the aftermath of what happened to Aspen, daughter of Lucas and wife of Quinton. (Books 1-3 are the story of Quinton and Aspen)
After being held captive by Quinton, Lucas takes her from her and holds her in her Corium apartment.
where he will start the lesson.

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I don’t think I’ve loved a book but hated the heroine that so much. Delilah may be heartbroken and she just wants someone to love her, but she’s pathetic and tearful. I felt sorry for the whole thing, poor Delilah. One minute she’s seducing Lucas and trying to trick him, hiding things under her bed, conspiring with Nash’s brother, and plotting Aspen’s next kidnapping/murder while wondering why Lucas doesn’t trust her all along. from the book.

She fell for all of Nash’s lies and believed everything he told her: hook, line, sinker! Even after seeing the video of Aspen’s attack and Aspen telling her what she had done and he was there, Delilah’s response was to “tell you”! How can one girl see another girl being attacked and feel nothing?

I had to laugh a little at the suspense in this book, she was so shocked where Nash had sent her and her brother Preston was saying how dumb and dumb she was! She makes it so hard to feel sorry for her.

This is not independent.
Contains certain content that some readers may find uncomfortable or triggering.

Delilah lost, she was born a girl and that was unacceptable for her father, to be sent away with very little appreciation from her father and her brothers, yearning for something she never had, love, attention, acceptance. Lacking in love and affection, she is somewhat naive.
The last person who paid attention to him is dead.

After the events of the Aspen and Quinton books, Delilah is captured by Quinton. She has ties to the family that hurt Aspen.

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Finding out that Lucas is actually Aspens’ biological father. And that she was hiding from him all these years, which was the right move for Aspen’s birth mother at the time. He wants to get to know her. She was a very different person then, darker than she is now, but the dark side of her and the twisted side of her is still there. And he is addressed to Delilah.

Having been held captive during the time she was imprisoned. She now lives in Luca’s apartment but with strict instructions to follow. Attend classes, the name she’s calling.
Lucas and the way he makes her feel like she should have those feelings for him.
Delilah gets under her skin. The dark and twisted side of her comes out, he enjoys her humiliating and torturing her.

She discovers that it was Aspen who killed the only man who gave her any kind of affection. She knew that he was not a good guy. She finished what he told her. Because she craved attention. They tell her to go to Aspen, to befriend her so they can get to her. But they are trapped. And Delilah is locked up again. It’s a shock to find out that Aspen is Lucas’s daughter. But Aspen is desperate for friends considering what she’s been through. She helps Delilah escape from Corium.

When Delilah arrives at the address she was given before Quinton came to her, her life takes a turn for the worse.

With the help of his brother, Lucas finds out where Delilah is.
Will he save her or will he leave her there?

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