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Rumble On The Bayou book pdf download for free or read online, also Rumble On The Bayou pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

BookRumble On The Bayou
AuthorJana DeLeon
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Rumble On The Bayou Road Book PDF download for free

Rumble On The Bayou Road Book PDF download for free

Rep. Dorie Berenger knew the day was only going to get worse when she found a stoned alligator in the city’s drunk pool. Then DEA Agent Richard Starke shows up in Gator Bait, Louisiana, barking orders and insults faster than you can cast a fishing line.

Dorie knows the residents of Gator Bait won’t talk to a stranger, especially a Yankee, but she stayed with Richard until she caught the villain. With no choice but to restore peace to the small town, Dorie agrees to help Richard catch a criminal while uncovering decades of mysteries hidden deep in the Louisiana bayou.

Rumble On The Bayou Book Pdf Download

After sitting on this book for months and reading some not-so-great books to start the year, I picked up Rumble on The Bayou and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Deputy Sheriff Dorie Berenger receives a call from the insane resident’s home to investigate the alligator in his pool. Assuming Maylene is drunk again, Dorie is somewhat surprised to find a drugged alligator with a bag of heroin, money and a finger in his mouth. Dorie and Deputy Joe take a fingerprint and shortly after, DEA Agent Richard (aka: Dick) arrives to investigate.

The laughter starts with the drugged alligator in Maylene’s pool and doesn’t stop throughout the book. Everything in the small town of Gator Bait, LA is well known, right down to Dick’s designer underwear. To get the townsfolk to open up to him, Dick needs Dory on his side. This is not an easy task as Dory has her own ideas and also many resources. Dick’s challenges are just beginning…

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As the investigation continues, Dorie and Dick are shot dead and their houseboat explodes and catches fire. Dick’s hunting drug dealer Roland killed Dick’s father in a failed raid 8 years ago and Dick will do anything to catch this guy. Along the way, he falls in love with Dorie after realizing that she is not an educated swamp townswoman, but an educated woman who is his mate in every way. And he falls in love with the city too, realizing that after all these years in the big city, no one knows him or cares about him like the citizens of Gator Bait.

For a first book by this author, this is an incredible story. It grabs you from the first page, with humor that pervades the entire book. Even when the chips are down, DeLeon throws out loud laughing moments.

The tension is real too. This is a situation that could happen in any city in the United States. However, the bayou setting only adds to the atmosphere of the story. The mixture of suspense, laughter and lovable characters makes this book an extraordinary book.

Jana DeLeon has a funky sense of humor and is an incredibly talented and imaginative writer. The characters are very well written and much more than one dimensional. The storyline is incredibly talented. The story comes alive on its own, leaving you turning the pages and wondering what will happen next. The mystery is well done, and it’s not obvious at all, and you’ll keep guessing until the end. The characters and plot were so entertaining that.

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I was let down by the lengthy sex scenes which I felt wasted and in her other stories the sex is a subtle hint so you can work out who I prefer. I’m not a prude and I have no problem with sex scenes. It’s just not what I expect from a talented author and I hope she goes back on her subtle suggestions and salvages the sex scenes for this book genre or for less talented authors who need to write sex scenes to take up space and chapters.

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