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Ruthless Blood book pdf download for free or read online, also Ruthless Blood pdf was written by R.L. Caulder.

BookRuthless Blood
AuthorR.L. Caulder
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Ruthless Blood Book PDF download for free

Ruthless Blood Book PDF download for free

A Thrall is meant to be a willing and appreciative servant and a constant source for their vampire lord.

I’m not ready and I hate being in his presence.

The days have been blurring since he pressed his blood down my throat.

That’s supposed to be illegal in society, but the laws don’t apply to the Vampire King.

No matter how much I fight him and refuse to submit to his will, even though his blood flows through my veins, it only makes him want me more.

Apparently I’m an anomaly. No one has ever refused the call of a vampire’s blood.

I try to keep my hope alive that someone will intervene and right the wrong of my injustice… But no one does.

I can’t do anything to escape this misery.

I am shown around at a banquet before the King’s Lords and offered free as a platter to anyone who wants to try it.

Until vampire lords from far away threaten war to free me from captivity. Although I should fear them, I am drawn to them.

They ignite the spark of hope in my soul that I thought was extinguished long ago.

Maybe my life won’t always be like this.

Maybe I’ll find my freedom.

From the authors who brought you Monarchs of Hell and Dark Imaginarium Academy…

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Ruthless Blood is the first book in the Vampyres’ Source trilogy, about a stubborn but wounded FMC and her possessive Vampyre Lords who will topple empires for her freedom. The content is intended for an adult audience and includes characters over the age of 18. This book contains adult violence and sexual content.

Ruthless Blood Book Pdf Download

Kyella is an unwilling slave forced into service by the Emperor. He killed his family to “save” them from the ruthless vampires of the Empire and Kyella blindly believed what he told her until she unknowingly discovered the truth behind his lies, he was the one who ordered the death of her parents, all is well for have access to Kyella’s blood.

Kyella tried her best to follow all of her rules until one day she had enough! She no longer sits in a corner waiting for the Emperor to feed on her blood! So she plots her escape…only to be captured and find herself in a position worse than anything she’s ever known before. Now, not only is she forced to feed the Emperor, but he has given her lords permission to feed on her blood! She is not sure if she will regret her mistakes from her past.

But Kyella finds help in the form of a guard tasked with her safety and 3 lords determined to free her from her! Join Kyella and her sexy her men as she finds freedom and a new understanding of how truly powerful and unique she really is! Hurry up and download this book now!

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A slave in a vampire-dominated society that doesn’t care about the humans beneath her, Kyella is someone who resists the mold of the perfect slave and wants her freedom. When she tries to escape, she meets men she never expected. As they flee to a completely different country and way of life that respects people and how they contribute to society, Kyella thrives and her 3 children help her. I love the cute teddy bears that the kids become for her and the fear between her and Elijah.

I love that we don’t have to wait long for specific explanations and the semi-fast pace. In classic M. Sinclair fashion, I hope we see a growth of the harem with a little more mystery. I love when these two authors collaborate on a project and I’m excited for the quick release. I can’t wait to see where this one leads!

It is a story as old as time, good versus evil. In this case we have three Vampire Lords who come to the rescue of a very trapped FMC Kyella, our FMC who was held prisoner by an evil Vampire Emperor. She is under her fangs ever since her father and her aunt were killed, forced to give him her blood. Our lords enter, drawn to her and urged to help her escape from her. We learn something special about Kyella, so special that a war is imminent. She is a B.A.B. with some very attractive gentlemen in the back. At the end of the first book, we really see her courage shine.

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