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Searching For Bristol book pdf download for free or read online, also Searching For Bristol pdf was written by Susan Stoker.

BookSearching For Bristol
AuthorSusan Stoker
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Searching For Bristol Book PDF download for free

Searching For Bristol Book PDF download for free

It was once lost, but it has been found. He’s not ready to lose her twice.

Getting lost in the woods is not on the agenda at Bristol Wingham. Nor being abandoned or hurt by their friends. Luckily for her, she is found by one of the Fallport Search and Rescue crews. She had no intention of staying in the small town, but when her rescuer offers her a place to rest, she can’t resist.

Cohen “Rocky” Watson has saved a lot of lost hikers, but Bristol just has something that makes him sit up and take notice. The world-renowned artist could definitely afford to return to Tennessee and pay someone to care for her through her broken leg, but the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her to stay.

As Bristol heals, the former Navy SEAL and the artist slowly but surely fall in love. But someone is far from happy with the budding relationship. When Bristol goes missing, Rocky, his entire team, and all of Fallport’s colorful, gossip-loving locals must find her, and time is ticking.

** The Searching for Bristol is the 3 book in the Eagle Point Search & Rescue series. Each book is self-contained with no cliffhangers at the end.

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Searching For Bristol Pdf Download

Okay, I love almost everything Susan Stoker has written, but “Searching for Bristol” is probably in my top 5.
Bristol is a beast with a lot of courage in her small body and a positive attitude that helps her survive even in difficult situations.

At the beginning of the book Bristol goes camping with a friend who I called an idiot in my head before Mrs. Stoker did it in character haha! She becomes separated from the group and starts walking on her own, falls and is rescued by Rocky, a member of the search and rescue team from the small town of Fallport.
Bristol and Rocky immediately realize they have an unusual attraction. With Bristol living a very quiet life a few hours away and in need of attention, she moves in with Rocky while she recovers and they grow closer.

Someone from Bristol’s past decided Bristol is theirs, and Rocky, the rest of the team, and all of Fallport must work together to get it back.
What I liked most about this book was that Bristol and Rocky work together all the time. There are no silly misunderstandings because they are adults and recognize the importance of communication.

Bristol is tough and not TSTL, Rocky is strong and smart. This book focused as much on the intelligence and strength of the H and H as it did on their physical attributes, resulting in a more complex, deeper, and satisfying story.
I finished this book in one day and will read it again when I need to visit my friends in Fallport again!
Definitely highly recommended.

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