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Shadow Empress book pdf download for free or read online, also Shadow Empress pdf was written by C.N. Crawford.

C.N. Crawford is not one person, but two. We write our novels together, moving our laptops around to edit each other’s words.

BookShadow Empress
AuthorC.N. Crawford
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Shadow Empress Book PDF download for free

Shadow Empress Book PDF download for free

This whole series was both exciting and heartbreaking (because you empathize with Ali and Galin) and a lot of fun.
Ragnarok has destroyed all of the worlds, leaving our night elf Ali and our high elf Galin to fight their way to save everyone and find each other in the process. How many times have I cried with laughter or put the second hand book down in embarrassment (it’s a real thing).

Shadow Empress Book Pdf Download

What a great and happy ending to this series. Poor Swedge went off to fight the Valkyrie instead of a bear. I genuinely laughed when I finished the last chapter of the book. I loved the book, the action, the plot and the characters in this series and even more so in this book. The epic journeys were numerous and well constructed and written, leaving you wanting more with each new adventure.

Lots of character growth which in turn leads to an epic execution between our main characters that was well built up until the actual moments of emotional exchange took place. Overall I liked the adventures and the characters. The only “eh” feeling I had was that the ending was quick. They’ve gone from super complicated, well built “worlds” within their worlds with lots of building and action, to just super, super fast action and end scenes where it almost felt rushed. .

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world building:
Ali and Galin were everywhere and without spoiling anything I can say that while it wasn’t the easiest ride, it was a lot of fun (sorry I couldn’t help it).
As always, the scenes and environments were clear and detailed, giving the imagination more than enough information to fully immerse themselves in the story.

Character development:
The Norns severed their bond, so they shouldn’t have feelings for each other, right?
Ali is the empress of the Vanir, Galin is the consort of Hela and the king of Hel.
You’ve had quite a journey, from a soulless corpse to a puny night elf, and I think that part was the most emotional. They’ve grown through their struggles in the previous books, but I feel like in this book they’ve surpassed even their wildest dreams.

I love how the author brought these characters to life. They feel real and believable, they have the same wants and needs as all of us (okay, in a slightly different context and setting, but still!).
The supporting characters in this part were hilarious (you’ll know who I’m talking about when you get there). I could easily picture her in front of me and even now it makes me smile (and shake my head at the same time).

Rhythm and Flow:
I was captivated by the book effortlessly, but then again I was dying to know what was going to happen next. The plot and conversations were well balanced and the reader stays engaged throughout the book… loved it!

The book:
The book itself was well written, with no (noticeable) errors. There sex is described (in case that matters to you).
The book is 246 pages long, divided into 43 chapters and written from Ali and Galin’s point of view.

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Final Thoughts:
I voluntarily read an intermediate reader copy of this book and I have to say that this was a great series. I had so much fun reading it and am quite sad it’s over. However, I’m hoping there will be some spin-off series set in the same world so we know how it all goes puppy eyes 😉

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