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Shattered book pdf download for free or read online, also Shattered pdf was written by Riley Edwards.

AuthorRiley Edwards
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Shattered Book PDF download for free

Shattered Book PDF download for free

Wren Cunningham wants to put her past behind her as she and her teenage son move from Chicago to Georgia to start a new life away from the dark cloud they’ve been living in since Wren’s ex went to jail. She tells herself she only has time for her son while building a wall around her heart.

A wall about to collapse as Phoenix saves his son from a fire. Phoenix is ​​everything he’s never been: considerate, kind, and a good role model for his son. His piercing blue eyes look straight into her soul and the pain that hides within. But if the walls around her heart are high, his are even higher.

Phoenix Kent grew up hearing that how much he really resembled his father, at least physically. Inside, the two men couldn’t have been really more different. Phoenix’s father really was a criminal, a murderer, a cop killer. Phoenix is ​​a police officer who volunteers at a community center for troubled teenagers.

After saving one of the boys, Griffin, from a downtown fire, Phoenix withdraws from Griffin’s life because he believes he doesn’t have what it takes to be a father figure, which the teen desperately needs. He doesn’t think he deserves to be with Griff’s beautiful mother, Wren, whose painful past mirrors his own.

When Phoenix is ​​forced to take Griff on a mission to rescue a stable of abused and abandoned horses, little does he know how much this experience will change Griff’s life. Or how he will bring Wren into Phoenix’s life.

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Passion ignites, but can they break down their walls before it’s too late?

Shattered Book Pdf Download

Phoenix Kent is a character I’ve been eagerly awaiting for his book since he was introduced about 3 books ago in this series. And Riley Edwards does NOT disappoint. Phoenix is ​​everything she wanted and more… Wren Cunningham is a woman trying to start over, but her teenage son is struggling with the turmoil in her life. These three meet at a youth counseling center and Phoenix is ​​paired with Griffin.

The parallels between these two characters and the way the three heal are far greater than I expected. I knew I was going to love this book because honestly, if Riley Edwards writes it, I’m going to LOVE it. But this book pulls you apart and you never get back together, not because the characters don’t get back together, but because you’re emotionally shattered in the best way. This amazingly slow recording works every way imaginable and I was sad to see the ending.

I’ve been waiting for Phoenix & Wren, wish it was a little longer but it was still perfect. Not as scared as usual, which I didn’t really care about. This story was certainly beautiful in a healing way. However, Griffin was the show stealer. The love between them all was incredible. If we could get Echo’s story now, my world would be perfect… ?

Phoenix and Wren’s story was heartbreaking! The author does a wonderful job of explaining the emotions of these characters. I couldn’t help but cry multiple times! I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you’ve never read a Riley Edwards book, you really need to start!

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Phoenix wrestles with his past and discovers that its shards are being repaired by Wren and his son Griffin, who is going through the same thing he was going through as a child. As Phoenix struggles to gain grip, he fights his attraction to Wren.

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